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Jan 3, 2017
Apr 8, 2007
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GC Hall of Fame, from Florida

vanders was last seen:
Jan 3, 2017
    1. anstro76
      hey hey back
    2. MusicCityGator
      Hey V, how are you? You must be in need of a good dose of misery wanting to know how things are going. I have been right here working everyday. Seems each year I am busier (is that a word) than the last. Got some great news last month from my bosses boss. You know the degree I was working on, the one where I had completed 99 of the required 120 hours in attempts to be the next plant manager here. Well he informed me that they have decided to go another way (exact words). That's politics I guess, I knew it could always happen. Oh how bout those Gators! This is a do-over year.:)
    3. ufrulz2
      Long time no speak! Just wanted to say "Hi!" Hope you're well. It's pretty much the status quo with us up in Minnesota.
    4. MusicCityGator
      Hey V. I am just energy depleted from selling blood and plasma for my wife and kids extravagances. I only have to do this for two more months.:)

      I just need to stay away for a while so I can put up with another season.

      Trying to plan out a mini-vacation that won't bury me. This college cost is over-whelming. Moreso on the board for both girls this year. 475/m each and then they still are at home 3 days a week, almost four. What is most aggravating is we only live 12 miles from the school! Anyway let me go back and play with my peace marbles and reduce my stress so I can get this vacation planned.

    5. MusicCityGator
      I'm ok V, how bout you guys. I guess you are through for the summer?
    6. vanders
      Me too Verti me too..... thanks Slinky
    7. slinkygator
      Hey V, Jose Cuervo now has a low calorie margarita mix with the alcohol already in it. :devil:
    8. vertigo0923
      i miss the old days too.....nightowl cafe...
    9. MusicCityGator
      She works with Special Ed students. V you know what I do, you know how I have to work, I am the wrong person to try and sale the hardships of another job when I see her off all summer, faal break, spring break, two weeks at Christmas...give me a break. The only fool here is me.
    10. MusicCityGator
      She is doing quite well. Unfortunately, she is telling me she doesn't think the Doctor will be sending he back to work this school year. I work with men that have had stents inserted on a Thursday and they are back on the job by the following Monday. :no:No such luck here.:roll: I guess the gall-bladder adds to rehab time.
    11. gatorbill
      I have it set up and have downloaded about 10 apps, mostly still on my i tunes. I've played with it a little, but am in the process of grading finals and need to find out how to make a repair on my lawn mower.

      This probably sounds like excuses but I know myself and I could get carried away and not get done what I need done so I'm kind of making it a reward.

      That doesn't mean I have not used it as I have, just not to the extent I will.

      What apps do you recommend?

      Oh, and I do intend to get the Apple TV when we return. Hey by then spending money on a truck that only gets about 10 mpg when pulling our tailer is going to be very expensive.

      I'll keep you informed.

      Thanks for asking.

    12. GatorGrowl
      Thanks, I forgot it was even on.....glad we won... Hope all is well with your and Flip!
    13. gatorjjh
      Hope you have a wonderful anniversary weekend :)
    14. Strikepackagegator
      I will on Monday. It's on my work PC.:joecool:
    15. vertigo0923
      luv your profile pic. AWWWWWWWWW
    16. vertigo0923
      sorry i've been away (again) this time illness. damn flu...and yes i had the shot, seems its not as effective as it should have been.
    17. Wyldashe11
      Hey Mrs. V. Still waiting on Flip to go riding.
    18. Wuerffel5220
      Still no maid yet...
    19. asuragator
      Nice new pic of you and the Flip!
    20. gatordee
      Hey V!! Not talkin to me anymore???
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