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Jan 3, 2017
Apr 8, 2007
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GC Hall of Fame, from Florida

vanders was last seen:
Jan 3, 2017
    1. Gil_the_Gator
    2. vertigo0923
      i sure wish you'd stop by...
      miss ya
      1. gatorjjh and (deleted member) like this.
    3. gatorknights
      Good to hear from you my friends. All is well in the 'Ville, although Will has some problems on his hands. Best wishes to everyone.
    4. Swamp_Monkey
      You'll never make a monkey out of me, vanders.

      Wait. Nevermind.
    5. vertigo0923
      when you say 'eaten alive', you have no idea HOW much i get that. we should talk..... miss ya
      1. vanders and jdrgator like this.
    6. gatorjjh
      So glad to see you back on the Boards - Hope things are smoothing out and headed in the right direction my very good friend.
      1. jdrgator likes this.
    7. vertigo0923
      well holy crap!!!! V!!!!!! how the heck are ya!!!!
      1. gatorjjh and jdrgator like this.
    8. vertigo0923
      ahhh, he's not so good. we're so worried about his mom. it's inoperable. so only chemo to extend her life, only option. both our moms......we're incredibly sad. i 'retired'....so i can take care of her when he's working, when she's on chemo. hey girl, happy birthday, i miss you. i've just been so caught up in life. our moms, our kids, and our grandson....,i know they say the lord doesn't give you more than you can handle, but who's making the decision on what we can handle? :(
    9. vertigo0923
      omg so good to see you!!!!!!! mom passed, it was sudden, i went down there and was with her til the end. i've brought her 17 yr old siamese cat to live with me. those may have been the hardest days of my life, v. oh lord i miss my mom
    10. vanders
      still around... consumed by life
    11. anstro76
      you still araound?
    12. Deebo65
      Hey V. I just wanted to check in with you. I hope you aren't suffering too badly from seperation distance anxiety about your baby being away. My boy just turned 13 and I am now in the realm of teenage hell. Really all in all, he is a really good kid. I think back to where I was at his age and I am much luckier than my parents were to have him instead of me!!! Daughter just turned 11 the other day and although she is still a baby, I can see where she is growning into a young woman. Scares the hell out of me. But ultimately, this is what it is about, watching them grow into who they will be. Hope you and Flip are doing well. Take care!!!
    13. vertigo0923
      awwww. miss you back! yeah, he's at least got over the (I am MAN. hear me roar!!!!) thing. and is taking his BP meds now. two of them. his family has a history of accelerated hypertension. has nothing to do with what they eat, what their cholesterol is...nothing. i have been on him forever about that, but that's what it took. he is SO lucky.
    14. vertigo0923
      hey v! hope you and flip are doing well! miss ya!
    15. chompalot
    16. gatorjjh
      congrats on your so very well educated offspring, I know she makes you and Flip very proud :)
    17. gator_in_georgia
      Thanks for the rep.
    18. gatorjjh
      to my GC Mentor, thank you for your sweet comments, overgenerous tho they are :)
    19. vanders
      true words for sure. . . heading back next week
    20. vertigo0923
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