Welcome to our new look!

    Welcome to our new front page!

    If you’ve missed our updates and announcements on our message boards, we’ve been hard at work on a brand, spanking new look for Gator Country to bring us back to the bleeding edge and you’re looking at it!

    Right now it’s just the front page and recruiting database that’s been switched over to the new format. Our message boards will be next as well as our mobile apps, but first things first.

    Some areas on the new site may be sparse, but don’t fret! We’ll be working furiously to bring everything up to speed and then some. Be sure to stay tuned to our message board announcements threads so you can stay abreast of the latest updates.

    A quick note on our recruiting database – what you’re seeing now is a very basic look, we will be enhancing it pretty soon with nifty new features so stay tuned!

    Thanks for your patience as we move into a new era at Gator Country.

    The GC Staff

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    Raymond Hines
    Back when I was a wee one I had to decide if I wanted to live dangerously and become a computer hacker or start a website devoted to the Gators. I chose the Gators instead of the daily thrill of knowing my next meal might be at Leavenworth. No regrets, however. The Gators have been and will continue to be my addiction. What makes this so much fun is that the more addicted I become to the Florida Gators, the more fun I have doing innovative things to help bring all the Gator news that is news (and some that isn’t) to Gator fans around the world. Andy Warhol said we all have our 15 minutes of fame. Thanks to Gator Country, I’m working on a half hour. Thanks to an understanding daughter that can’t decide if she’s going to be the female version of Einstein, Miss Universe, President of the United States or a princess, I get to spend my days doing what I’ve done since Gus Garcia and I founded Gator Country back in 1996. Has it really been over a decade and a half now?


    1. I like the new look, but one thing is wrong and badly wrong. Every time I go to the new site I have to log in b/c it has forgotten me. Most annoying. Please fix this. The old site never did forget me.

      Frank Bunnell

    2. Maybe it’s me, but it seems confusing to navigate. Hard to find things that used to be readily available. You have to be very careful about touching front page photos. Hope it is just the early going and things will get better.

      • Donald, Ray here — we are working on improving the mobile layout more. The front page slider is what makes it screwy so we’ll probably remove that for mobile devices or make it smaller, etc. Thanks for your input, hopefully this will grow on you. :)

      • Ray, My log in is now worknig fine and I wrote you two notes thanking you to Gator country and both where returned as undeliverable. I don’t know what worked to make my log in work, but I used the large one in the center of the page. Now I’d like to know how to find it again in cased it was the one that worked. Pehaps you had fixed it and I thank you very much for your time. The more I use the site the better I like it.


      • Frank, thank you so much for your kind words and patience. We will be constantly tweaking the website to make it better. My email address is ray @ gatorcountry.com. Just remove the spaces, it’s there to keep spammers from skimming it. Take care and have a great weekend!