Notebook: Dan Mullen updates on Florida Gators spring practice

Dan Mullen addressed the media on Wednesday to talk about the first week of spring practice.

New Florida Gators coaching staff creating accountability

Billy Gonzales discussed a new grading system the Florida Gators are using to create accountability in spring practices.

Dan Mullen’s opinion on paying Division I athletes

Dan Mullen weighs in on the debate whether to pay players, or allow them to profit off of their likeness.

Dan Mullen shares a funny Tim Tebow story

Dan Mullen shared a funny story and his close personal relationship with his former quarterback, Tim Tebow.

Recapping the open Florida Gators spring practices: Podcast

GC brings you a new podcast as recap the Florida Gators open spring practice that took place last weekend and we recap basketball for the Gators.

Opinion: Building Confidence Should Be Mullen’s Top Priority

Dan Thompson opines what Dan Mullen's biggest task is in his first season.

Mullen Offense 101: Handing off against two deep safeties

Dan Mullen likes to skip the option and just hand it off to run against defenses with two deep safeties. Here's a breakdown of why that is.

Photo Gallery: Florida Gators second spring football practice

Photo Gallery: Florida Gators second spring football practice

Savage sets the tone for Mullen’s culture change at Florida

Nick Savage was and is responsible for setting the tone for the culture change in Mullen's program.

Photo Gallery: Florida Gators first spring practice

Gator Country's photo gallery from the first day of spring camp.

Florida Gators first spring practice notebook

Notebook from the Florida Gators first scrimmage of spring camp.

First practice focused on executing fundamentals

The Florida Gators first practice focused on executing fundamentals on Friday afternoon.

Spring Florida Gators football preview and diamond sports preview: Podcast

GC brings you a new podcast as we preview spring football for the Florida Gators, plus we preview the diamond sports for the Gators this weekend.

Leadership council a new initiative under Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen instituted a new "leadership council" with the Florida Gators football team.

All-time low pushed Feleipe Franks to work harder

Florida Gators quarterback Feleipe Franks hit his all-time low last season, but it pushed him to work even harder in preparation for 2018.

Mullen explains what the Gator standard is

Dan Mullen explained on Tuesday what the Gators standard is and what he has told the players.

Notebook: Dan Mullen talks Florida Gators spring football

Dan Mullen talked to the media on Tuesday with spring practice just around the corner.

Talking SEC opening weekend for softball and spring football: Podcast

GC brings you a new podcast as preview the weekend on the diamonds, plus get into previewing spring football for the Florida Gators.

Tyrie Cleveland is the key for Florida’s 2018 offense

Dan Mullen's offense can't reach its highest potential without a deep threat, which means Tyrie Cleveland is the most important guy to the offense outside of the quarterback.

Mullen Offense 101: Using spread and option to run

Dan Mullen's offense is predicated on running the ball. Here is how he uses spread formations and option to get it done.

Did the Florida Gators’ offensive line improve in 2017?

Florida's offensive line probably got better in 2017, but it's a complicated issue.