Tim Davis and Will Muschamp speak at Gator Club Events: Notebook

The summer speaking tour for the Florida coaching staff continued on Tuesday. Will Muschamp was in Jacksonville to speak with the Gator Club of Jacksonville and offensive line coach Tim Davis was in Brevard County speaking with the Space Coast Gator Club.

These summer speaking engagements can often become monotonous for coaches. They often give the same speech over and over and field very similar questions throughout the summer.

Tonight was different.

Both Coach Muschamp and Davis were very candid with the media and fans at their events and there were some good quotes and news from both of them.

  • Per Jason Leiser of the Palm Beach Post, Will Muschamp said that there are no new injuries to report since the end of spring practice.
  •  Will Muschamp was asked about Florida’s two game losing streak to rival Georgia. “It’s not going to be a long winning streak, I assure you.” Muschamp said per Jason Leiser of the Palm Beach Post.
  • Will Muschamp spoke very highly of two freshmen, Daniel McMillian and Nick Washington. Per Hays Carlyon, Muschamp said that McMillian, an early enrollee, has put himself in position to start a few games this fall. McMillian impressed the coaching staff with not only his play on the field but with his dedication to football off the field as well.
  • Muschamp also said, per Leiser and Carlyon, that Nick Washington will start his career playing corner and nickel. He singled Washington out as an “extremely smart” player.
  • The media, myself included, have taken a keen interest in the coach staff’s use of Twitter this off season. Jason Leiser asked Muschamp about his use of Twitter and the fake Will Muschamp account. Muschamp said he has heard of the fake account but he does not follow the account to keep tabs.
  • Per Jason Leiser, Will Muschamp credits Miami’s offense saying they have 20 starters coming back and a “very explosive offense.”
  • Per David Jones of the Florida Today, Tim Davis said the team would again count on their running game saying; “Why go by plane when you can go by train?”
  • Per David Jones, Davis also predicted that Florida would win a National Championship while Muschamp is head coach.
  • Per Hays Carlyon, Muschamp said he expects Ahmad Fulwood to make an impact early on in his Gator career. “Fulwood’s a guy that we’re counting on to help us,” Muschamp said. “A guy that can vertically stretch the field. He’s extremely intelligent. A guy that’s got really good ball skills down the field. Matter of fact, his senior year he played outstanding at the safety position. He really showed a lot of physicality. I’m really excited about him helping us out at the wide receiver position.”
  • Per Hays Carlyon, Muschamp said that Chris Leak would work on the defensive side of the ball as a “quality control coach”.
  • Muschamp has told us before that he wishes he had spent more time coaching on the offensive side of the ball and that he feels being able to coach on both sides of the ball is beneficial for coaches.
  • Per David Jones, Tim Davis had a very interesting quote about Nick Saban. “Will [Muschamp] coached under the devil himself [Nick Saban] for seven years, I only did three,” Davis Continued. “He’s [Muschamp] like the other guy [Saban] but he’s got a personality.”
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