Countdown Series: 100 days to kickoff!

One hundred.

It’s the number of penalties Florida had and the percentage of point-after attempts the Gators converted on last season.

And today, it’s the number of days left until Florida takes the football field again for the start of another season in the Swamp.

With 100 days left until football season begins, is proud to announce that we’ll be bringing you a live countdown of the days left until football season, all the way up to the day before Florida takes on Bowling Green on Sept. 1 in the season opener.

We’ll be profiling each of Florida’s 82 scholarship players with a countdown of the roster by jersey number, with a story for each day left until football season and the player wearing that number.

Here’s how it’ll work.


We’ll give you a brief history of the player’s time at Florida and recap his biography for you – how many games he has played, some background on why he has or hasn’t played more, etc.


We’ll hit you up with all of his career statistics here with a note or two on where that puts him in terms of his position group as a whole.

Player Evaluation

This will be the meat of the features, with providing our opinions on the player in question and how he fits into the team for the 2012 season. We’ll give you some areas we see as strengths and weaknesses to help provide you with a better all-around view of the player as whole.

Since this is our opinion and not necessarily a reflection of how the Florida coaching staff feels, we’d love your feedback on places you think we hit the mark or missed it on each individual player.

What to Expect

The last segment of each feature will be our personal predictions for each player profiled and what Florida fans can expect from the player during the 2012 season. Again, this is part of the profile we’ll build that we strongly encourage your feedback on.

We hope you’ll enjoy the series and it will help build some excitement for what should be a fun season in Will Muschamp’s second go-round as head coach.

Tomorrow we hit double-digits left until the 2012 season begins, so get excited!