SPRING: Five Questions with Kestahn Moore

Last spring, the performance from the running back position was terrible. However with each spring, a new opportunity comes about to perform at the level you are capable. Kestahn Moore has done exactly this, catching the eye of the coaches, to the point where Coach Meyer even said that Moore is currently the best back on the team.

The running back spent some time to talk after practice about what Coach Meyer’s comments mean to him, as well as his need to step up in this offense.

Q: “How’s the spring been going so far?”

A: “It’s been going pretty well. Everyone is looking good. We’ve got a lot of young people who are just learning the process right now and learning how we go about things. They’re just trying to get settled.”

Q: “Coach Meyer has said you’ve been having a great spring so far. How does that make you feel and how would you assess your own performance?”

A: “It makes me feel good. I’ve been coming out here and working hard. I’ve been improving blocking and running too.

Q: “Losing DeShawn Wynn opens up the running back position this year. Is there a sense of urgency out on the practice field on your part to step up and earn the starting position for the fall?”

A: “A little bit. I’m the only one who has gotten some serious playing time on campus now. So it’s time for me to go that extra mile, even though I’ve been working very hard since I first came on campus. Now they’re just expecting me to be that back since I’ve played since my freshman year. They’re expecting me to step up and show the younger guys how it’s supposed to be.”

Q: “How is the intensity at the running back position with those young guys there and everyone fighting for that one starting spot?”

A: “There’s a lot of intensity out there. Everybody wants to be that number one running back. We’re all like brothers though. Off the field, we all hang out and spend time together, but when we get on the field, we push each other to get better and help this team out more than anything.”

Q: “The national championship team had a lot of chemistry last year, but you’ve also lost some key pieces this spring. How would you rate the overall chemistry of this team right now?”

A: “We still have a lot of chemistry, because a lot of the young guys were here last year for the whole ride. But the key right now is that we know what to do to win a championship. We’re just trying to get all the guys on board right now and get us back to that same spot.”