SPRING: Five Questions with David Nelson

After graduating two of their biggest player makers from the wide receiver position last year, David Nelson knows it is his turn to step up. Nelson is currently being molded into the Dallas Baker role of this offense, and has stood out this spring.

After practice, Nelson spent some time to talk about his role as a mentor, as well what the young group of cornerbacks has looked like from his side of the football.

(Note: Nelson appeared to have sprained his wrist in today’s practice and sat it out. We should have more later…)

Q: “How has the spring been so far?”

A: “Our offense was sloppy Saturday. The first part of today we looked pretty bad against the defense, and then the second half we picked it up. As far as my individual performance this spring, I’ve been alright. A lot of guys left last year so it’s time for me to step up and see where I can help this team go.”

Q: “What have you seen out of the young group of corners you’re going up against?”

A: “They’re working. There’s really not much else to say about it. We have some guys there that played a little bit for us last year. As far as the new guys, the effort is there, and when you have effort then you’ll start to see the technique come around.”

Q: “What does it mean to you being one of the more experienced wide receivers on this team who is looked on as a leader by some of the younger guys?”

A: “I was in there shoes two years ago. I know how it is to come in and learn to play, learn some of these techniques, and just get the basics of this offense down. I’ve been at the bottom of the barrel so I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed because of the depth chart. So I’ve spent some time with some of these guys like Paul Wilson and Justin Williams, just to be there for them and be someone they can come and talk to.”

Q: “What do you expect out of yourself this fall?”

A: “My role is to help this team win. I don’t have any individual goals outside of what best helps this team. I just want to help this team get back to the SEC championship and hopefully beyond that.”

Q: “Tim Tebow has said many times that he loves to throw to you as a wide receiver. What does that mean to you having the offensive leader talking about being comfortable with you on the field?”

A: “I’m very honored to have a quarterback of his level who likes to throw to me, especially from a guy with the talent of a Tim Tebow.”