Simon’s a Whole Lot of Muscle

In an one on one interview with OL Simon Codrington, he talks about how much he’s changed, his strengths and weaknesses, and more.

Mark McLeod: You’re not the same guy that I interviewed a year and a half ago at South Miami High School. What’s it like going back home and seeing everybody?

Simon Codrington: “They can’t believe what they see. I was 6-7, maybe 250 in Miami and now I’m 295, 300. I had not an ounce of muscle on me back then and now I’m just a whole lot of muscle, so they can’t really believe it. They wanted me to gain weight and I’ve been eating so much here, that now they want me to watch how much I eat.”

Mark McLeod: Do you feel as though you’ve improved with the reps that you’ve been getting at guard?

Simon Codrington: “Yeah, I’ve been working with the first team since Tartt went down with the shoulder injury. I’m just trying to pick up the slack and do the best I can. I think that I’ve learned a lot getting in there.”

Mark McLeod: Are you picking up everything that’s been thrown at you by the coaches?

Simon Codrington: “Oh yeah, I’ve been watching a whole lot of film and working extremely hard. It’s all paying off. I’ve got a lot of things to work on, but it’s all coming together.”

Mark McLeod: What are your strengths right now?

Simon Codrington: “My whole attitude, aggressiveness, and that I try to come off the ball hard every play.”

Mark McLeod: Weaknesses?

Simon Codrington: “My technique and my feet have got to get a whole lot better. I want to be a real big contributor to the team. I still have a lot to do to improve, but I’m trying to get better everyday and show the coaches that I can be counted on.”

Mark McLeod: Are you comfortable picking up the stunts when they’re running them?

Simon Codrington: “That depends. If you’re doing what you’re supposed to do and you’re in your right gap and technique doing what were taught to do it ain’t that hard. But, if you’re not it’s hard.(laughs)”