Quick Hits – Quotes from Tebow and Harvin

Quotes from QB Tim Tebow and WR Percy Harvin on playing in the BCS Championship Game

Freshman WR Percy Harvin:

About making an impact as a freshman on the team

“We were all just looking to come in and make an impact on the team, whether it was on special teams or whatever. We didn’t know we were going to make this kind of impact.”

About the possibility of adding trick plays to their game plan on Monday

“We have just been working on the fundamentals and what we have been working on all year.”

Freshman QB Tim Tebow:

About the team’s practice preparation leading up to Monday

“We’re here for a reason and we are here for a goal. That is what we have our mind set on. We are not trying to get distracted by anything else.”

About making an impact as a freshman on the team

“I think Coach is trying to get all of the young guys ready to play. And the older guys have been helping the younger guys with developing and helping to get ready to play in big games. I think both of those reasons have really helped. I didn’t know what to expect, but I think with the coaching that we have and the older players that we can definitely grow faster.”

About playing Arkansas a month ago

“It seems like forever ago. Hopefully we will be fresh and ready to go next Monday.”

About looking towards next season on a talented Florida team

“We’re excited about that but we are trying to stay focused on this year and next year will take care of itself.”

About what potential recruits might be looking for to sign with Florida

“Recruits want to be on a winning team and want to have a chance to win a championship. Hopefully, they will see that and a lot of the recruits will want to come to the University of Florida.”