Question and Answer with David Pollack spoke to ESPN college football analyst David Pollack during SEC Media Days to get his opinion of the 2013 Florida Gators.

Q.) You were able to see Florida come through Media Days on Tuesday. What are you expectations for this year’s team?

A.) You replace a lot of pieces on defense that you’re probably worried about. I have zero concerns about that. Both cornerback spots are going to be exceptional. The defensive line I think will be really really good. Powell is a guy coming back, if he can remain healthy, will be good. Fowler is going to be a beast, Easley is good as well. I think the linebackers will be a little bit of a question but not too big of a concern because I believe in coach Muschamp. To me it’s about the offense. Can Driskel improve?  Because I think Driskel has all of the physical tools to get better and develop. But who are the playmakers? Who’s the guy who is going to make the big plays and who is going to catch a slant and take it 60 yards to open up the running game? I think they are going to run a lot. The run game will be good and they are going to be physical up front. I think they need to find some playmakers and obliviously, Driskel has to take the next step.

Q.) The offensive line looks to improve next season, will it help Driskel’s confidence and the playmakers abilities?

A.) It’s both. I think there were times when Driskel hung on to the ball way too long. I understand you don’t want to make a mistake, but you can’t hang onto to the ball and take eight sacks like he did last year against A&M. I think he has to get better and I think you learn as you develop. First of all, Muschamp probably beat into his head last year, don’t make a mistake. A lot of times you hold on to the ball too long take a sack, leaving your team looking at second down and seventeen. I think you learn the quarterback position and you learn when to throw it away and make better decisions. But there is no denying his skill set, he’s big, strong and physical. He can spin it and has all of the tools to be a great player. It’s Brent Pease’s second year in the system, so Driskel will certainly be more comfortable with the offense.

Q.) Did Jeff Driskel look more confident at Media Days to you?

A.) I don’t care about how confident he looks, all that is matter is how he plays. He should feel more confident in the system. He should know the checks and where he should go with the ball. Naturally, there should be some improvement. Last year, I thought he was calm cool and collective, he’s a chill cat. I don’t feel like his heart rate ever gets raised.

Q.) How accurate were the SEC Media predictions?

A.) I was shocked that Georgia was picked by such a large margin. First of all, South Carolina’s schedule is by far the easiest. Don’t play Alabama, don’t play A&M, don’t play LSU. Florida plays LSU, Georgia plays LSU right away, that’s a lot harder. I think it’s going to be interesting. South Carolina having the schedule advantage is big. Georgia having everybody back on offense gives me extreme trust in them. I don’t have any trust in Florida’s offense. I can’t sit here and say Florida is a contender if I can’t tell you if Florida’s offense is better. They got to improve some, they were 100 and something last year in offense. If they get to 80 something, I don’t think that’s good enough. They have to improve more than that.

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