Post Friday Night Lights Private Screening

Here’s the pre-season/post Friday Night Lights look at Gator football from the eyes and ears of Hollywood Bob. I’ll give insights to those on the football team already and give you a long look at the recruiting board as it looks following another successful Friday Night Lights. I hinted last week about some prospects that have given their oath to play for the Gators and while we will not divulge those, we’ll give some hints as to some of the prospects that are really looking the Gators way.

We will start off on the defensive line where I was informed last week that every one of the linemen outside of the freshman incoming class will be honored as Champions this week in the team’s Champion’s Club. The true freshmen are not eligible this go around, but everyone else has put in the work necessary in the off-season to earn the Champion title.

There is an interview I did with Coach Mattison coming shortly and he gave some specifics about a few players. It seems that Brandon Antwine has gained some good weight and is a solid 280 now that they do not expect him to lose during the season. Also, Lawrence Marsh is up to 287 and will probably be at the quick tackle position when fall starts.

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