Brent Pease notebook 08/07

Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease met with the media today:

-Pease says Driskel has been progressing as a leader from all accounts this offseason, holding teammates and himself more accountable.

-Pease says Driskel knows the goal of this team is to win the SEC and he isn’t afraid to say it.

-Pease says being the unquestioned starter has helped Driskel, he’s a lot more comfortable.

-Pease is looking for Driskel to let his instincts take over. Recognition and execution of plays and tempo is a must.

-Pease says Andre Debose tweaked his knee. He is being evaluated, no official status yet.

-Pease thinks the freshmen receivers are all very physically talented. With them, it’s more of the mental thing, learning plays and consistently understanding the offensive scheme is where mistakes occur.

-Pease says in their second year, most guys understand that the calls in his offensive system are in place for a reason. Meaning they now grasp the method to Pease’s madness.

-Pease says the players now understand where the team is vulnerable on specific plays and their responsibilities of getting into the right plays. Players are doing less thinking and more reacting.

-Pease thinks the receivers are running better routes and getting good separation from defensive backs. They know how to beat man and zone coverage. The ability to get open is giving Driskel and Murphy better windows to throw the ball into because the field is more open.

-Pease says Trenton Brown’s biggest hurdle to overcome is getting his pad level down on blocks. His ability is frustrating for those he has to go against in practice.

-Pease says Brown has not had everything thrown on him as far as scheme, his aptitude at recognition of repetition is not completely in place.

-Pease thinks the pad level issue might not be that big of a deal for Brown. He is so massive that he is able to cover up defensive linemen who are unable to fight through his size.

-Pease expects Tyler Moore to move outside but, says Moore may move inside to play multiple positions along the line.

-Pease says Joker Phillips’ experience is valuable in the fact that it allows Brent Pease to focus on other things while Joker is handling receivers.

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