Notebook: Easley sings a “Rocky Top” tune

The open week gave Florida a chance to work on themselves, get back to the basics and correct mistakes that they saw on film through the first two games. Monday brings a new week and a new game to focus their attention on and a welcomed opportunity to make up for their last performance.

Dominique Easley, Jaylen Watkins and Matt Jones all met with the media today to recap the Miami game, discuss the bye week and look forward to Tennessee this Saturday.

On Miami

  • Both Jaylen Watkins and Dominique Easley said that the defense is capable of playing better than they did against Miami. Easley said, “It is, but in my life I strive for perfection. If there’s no perfection, there’s no greatness, and we’re supposed to be great.”
  • Watkins said that the defense could have needed some time to replace all the starters that were lost last offseason but that two games in, that can’t be an excuse anymore. Everyone has gotten their feet wet.
  • Watkins said that the team has rallied behind Jeff Driskel but when asked the same question, Easley said that in life you have to deal with criticism. When asked a follow up as to how Driskel was dealing with it, Easley said that he and Driskel don’t talk much and that we (media) should have asked Driskel that question.
  • Matt Jones said that the team has 100% confidence in Driskel.
  • Matt Jones said he was not 100% heading into the Miami game and that he really didn’t start to feel comfortable until the 3rd or 4th quarter.
  • Jones said it was more physical than mental. He said his body wasn’t ready for the hits but that he adjusted as the game went on.
  • Asked about how he has played this season, Easley said he thinks he can play better, that there are things he could have done better and that he wasn’t good enough, obviously. (Easley has been the best player on Florida’s defense this season in my opinion.)

On Tennessee

  • Dominique Easley said that he has heard a lot about how good Tennessee’s offensive line is and he remembers how good they were last year. Tennessee returned 4-of-5 starters on the line.
  • When asked where Tennessee would rank on a list of teams he hates, Easley put the Vols third behind Florida State and Georgia (in that order).
  • Every player agreed that Florida’s eight game winning streak doesn’t diminish the rivalry at all. Each player said that they know Tennessee is gunning for them and they have to be prepared if they want to come away with a win on Saturday.

Jones on his illness

  • Matt Jones said that his “stomach illness” was just a regular stomach virus but didn’t say what the virus was. Jones also said that he was hospitalized 7-8 days. (Those two things don’t really jive together.)
  • Jones said he just woke up throwing up one night.
  • Jones said he lost 10-12 pounds and that he has gained it all back except two pounds.
  • Jones said it was a big setback to miss the beginning of the season after having such a good spring camp.
  • Jones said that physically, he feels like he did during the spring and that he is ready to be the feature back in Florida’s offense.

 Easley on “Rocky Top”

  • Easley said that he doesn’t like Tennessee’s song “Rocky Top” but that it’s catchy and he finds himself singing it against the Vols.
  • Easley said he only knows the words “Rocky Top. Oh, Rocky Top.”
  • Easley said he’s sure the Tennessee players hear him singing it when he is on the field but that he isn’t trying to taunt them, he’s just singing it to himself.
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