Mike Slive Interview Notebook

HOOVER, Ala.– SEC commissioner Mike Slive notebook:

-Slive said he was very privileged to kick off Media Days by reflecting on where the conference was the past year.

-Slive then went into his “brag bag” to talk about the achievements of the conference.

-Slive highlighted everything from football to men’s golf.

-Slive talked about academics as well, including spotlighting former Alabama Center Barrett Jones, QB Greg Mcelroy and former Gator Tim Tebow.

-Slive also spoke about character issues, said the schools are doing what they can but sometimes athletes will still do wrong things.

-Slive isn’t naive enough to think that he can put an end to all bad behavior.

-Slive said that the SEC is not where it needs to be basketball wise, and the number of football championships does not offset the poor performance by the basketball teams in the conference.

-Slive appointed Mark Whitworth as the director of men’s basketball.

-Slive asked former NCAA vice president Greg Shaheen to consult with the SEC schools about basketball non-conference scheduling.

-Slive spoke about an “agenda for change” that included three main areas.
1. Redefining benefits available to student-athletes.
2. Strengthening academic eligibility requirements for incoming freshmen.
3. Modernizing recruiting rules.

-Slive made a huge emphasis on the full cost of attendance stipend and getting that done. He says it’s a must for conferences and member institutions to meet the needs of their student athletes.

-Slive proposed an increase in the grade point average requirements for freshmen as well as a satisfactory progress rule for high schools much like the one colleges have.

-Slive said it was necessary for the NCAA to “spearhead a four-part national effort” on the area of concussions.
1. Continue scientific research.
2. Determing best practices for the prevention and treatment of concussions.
3. Disseminate information to NCAA member institutions and others with the interest of the athlete’s health and safety.
4. Continue to review and revise the rulebook.

-Slive talked about auditing the NCAA and really looking into how they conduct business.

-Slive wants to examine the role of the NCAA board of directors and what exactly each of the directors does.

-Slive saved most of the announcements about the SEC network for ESPN’s senior vice president for programming, but he did talk about a college gameday style show that will go to different big SEC games every week and do a 2
hour pregame show.

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