Hollywood Bob’s Quick Takes

With football season getting off to a fast start, there hasn’t been much time to offer a full blown Hollywood Bob Private Screening these days. However, Bob has a few tidits he’d like to share with you on our exclusive insiders only BullGator Den forum. We’ll call it our “Quick Takes” and Bob will give you the latest real inside scoop on the football team and some recruiting as always!


Let’s begin with an injury update… I don’t think Percy’s injury will keep him out of contests as much as it might limit his time on the practice field. As long as he knows what he is doing, he will be rested for game day.

I think Trautwein is done for the year, but you will not be able to find anyone to outright confirm that. This would allow Trautwein to red-shirt and it means that the starting OL for ‘08 looks like Traut, Jim Tartt, Michael Pouncey, Maurkice Pouncey, and Jason Watkins with a second unit of Carl Johnson, Ronnie Wilson, Mo Hurt, James Wilson, and Marcus Gilbert.  Any in the second group could challenge the front liners in my opinion. 

Read more on practice observations, very interesting news about John Brown that’s legit, and a whole lotta good stuff about 2008 recruiting that will knock your socks off on our exclusive, insiders only BullGator Den!

Hollywood Bob’s Quick Takes

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