Getting to Know the 2013 Recruiting Class: Cam Dillard

Over the next several weeks, Gator Country will talk with the members of the 2013 recruiting class. We’re asking each recruit 20 questions in an effort to let the fans get to know a little bit more about each player both on and off the field.

Today we spoke with Cam Dillard.

Dillard is a tenacious offensive lineman who has experience at multiple positions. He will play center at Florida and the depth issue the Gators have at center could lead to Dillard getting on the field early on in his career as the heir apparent to Jon Harrison.

Dillard excels as a run-blocker, which fits nicely into Florida’s style of offense, and shows a good ability to pull and get to the second level effectively. His highlight tape had more pancakes than IHOP, so let’s get to know him a little better.


Q1: What was the craziest or most unique recruiting pitch you heard during the whole recruiting process?

Cam Dillard: I don’t think there’s anything too crazy. Oregon was pretty unique with how they involved Nike. They definitely use Nike to their advantage in their recruiting. When they offered me, they talked a lot about Nike. They told me that two years before stuff comes out on the market that they go to the Nike testing place and test out all the new gear. I thought that was pretty sweet.


Q2: Why did you choose Florida?

CD: I grew up a Gator fan actually. Growing up in North Carolina, you’re either an ACC or SEC guy. I was an SEC fan and just picked up on Florida when I was really little and stuck with them until now.


Q3: What was your favorite part of the recruiting process.

CD: The official visit. That was fun. Florida’s was fun, I liked Oregon’s visit too.


Q4: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

CD: I eat Subway, take a nap and put my gear on in a certain way. Like I put my jersey on my shoulder pads so I wouldn’t have to do it at school. I’d get ready at home actually; I didn’t like getting ready at school because the lockers were so small.


Q5: What is the highlight of your career so far?

CD: Just being on varsity the last three years, making All-State two years in a row, being on the dream team” which is the best 24 kids in the state. Having all these opportunities to go around the country and be at all these schools, it’s definitely an eye-opening experience.


Q6: Orange or Blue?

CD: Orange.


Q7: What number are you going to wear next year and is there any significance behind why you wear that number?

CD: I’m going to be 54 more than likely. When I first started playing football I wore 77. In North Carolina we started pop-warner right before I moved and I became 54. When I got up to Michigan, they didn’t have any more jerseys except for 54, so it was kind of ironic. In high school I wore 77 again. But being a center I just like the number 54, I think it looks good on a jersey.


Q8: What NFL player would you compare yourself to style wise?

CD: I like Michael Oher. But on a personal level I know Dave Molk really well, he was a center at Michigan. And since I’m going to be playing center I definitely want to strive to play like him because he won the Rimington Award. Also Dan Moses, who is one of my trainers, who also won the Rimington. So working out with two Rimington Award winners, both who played in the NFL and know what it takes to get there, I think they’re getting me on the right path to where I need to be to be successful. And hopefully, ultimately, win the Rimington.


Q9: If you could date one celebrity who would it be and why?

CD: Kate Upton. That’s so easy, she’s so hot. Are you kidding me?


Q10: Who are your favorite pro sports teams? NBA? MLB? NHL? NFL?

CD: I like the Heat. I love LeBron and D-Wade and all them. I always play with them on NBA 2k13. I like the Tigers a lot, obviously living in Michigan. Going to the Tigers games is pretty fun. I like the Penguins but I don’t really watch too much hockey, I just catch the highlights on ESPN. I like the Steelers a lot because I work out with a lot of the Steelers like Larry Foote, Lamar Woodley and some of those guys.


Q11: Xbox or PlayStation?

CD: I actually just made the conversion to Xbox but I like the PlayStation better.


Q12: If you won the lottery what would be the first thing that you would buy?

CD: Actually I did just win it. I won eight bucks the other day. I used that money to try and win another one. It didn’t work out. But if I won the jackpot I’d probably buy a Ford Raptor. A black one, tint it all out, put some big tires on it and put some subs in it.


Q13: What’s on your ipod before a game?

CD: I like Gucci Mane, I don’t know why. I like his song bullet wounds.


Q14: Who is your favorite current NFL player?

CD: I like Ray Lewis but obviously he’s not in it anymore.  I like Jake Long and Dave Molk. Just because Jake has such tenacity when he plays and aggression, I try to model myself after that.


Q15: LeBron or Kobe?

CD: I’m going LeBron every time.


Q16: Who’s your favorite former Gator and why?

CD: Lomas Brown. I’m going a little old school. I work out with him because he still lives here in Michigan. Him being a Super Bowl champion and in the Gator Hall of Fame, it just urges you to work harder when you’re with him. We’re Gators so we stick together but just seeing what it takes and how he did it, I just want to do the same. You know, be in the NFL and be a Gator great.


Q17: What sport would you play if you couldn’t play baseball?

CD: I think baseball.

Q: What position would you play?

CD: First base. I would like to be a catcher if it didn’t hurt my knees. I’d try to hit kids if they came running at me at home plate. I kind of like my knees they way they are so I’ll just stick to blocking.


Q18: What is your favorite TV show?

CD: I like SpongeBob. That’s a classic. It used to be Rocket Power. I love that show.


Q19: What is your favorite sports movie and non-sports movie?

CD: Remember the Titans. Definitely Step Brothers, that’s the funniest thing.


Q20: Which players are you closest to in the recruiting class?

CD: I’m actually good friends with Coach Davis’ son, Nick Davis, he’s going to be a preferred walk-on. Also, I’m pretty close with Joey Ivie and Caleb Brantley. I know Nick Washington pretty well. I’m pretty good friends with Jordan Sherit and I just met Matt Rolin and Alex Anzalone.


Q21: What is one thing about you that most Gator fans don’t know?

CD: You know those clay wheels, the pottery wheels? I’m so good on those things.

Q: Would you say you’re a 5-star pottery artist?

CD: Easily a 5-star.

Gator fans make sure you follow Cam on Twitter, @CDill54, and on Instagram, Camdillard77.

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