Gators WR Ja’Juan Story apologizes for ‘doodoo’ comment

This morning, I got a text from Florida Gators wide receiver signee Ja’Juan Story.

A few weeks ago, I had contacted Ja’Juan to do a Q&A with him before his arrival on campus this summer.

The Ja’Juan Story Q&A ran last week and created a big stir on the Internet, including, based on his answer to a question about his pre-game ritual.

The text said: “I’m apologizing for the inappropriate comment I made about saying ‘doodoo’ during the Q&A interview and anything else that I might have said that was inappropriate, and I’m sorry for the hassle. Blessed.”

I called Ja’Juan to talk to him about it and also to see how he was taking everything. In the most mature fashion, he told me he was sorry.

“I represent more than just myself,” Story said. “I represent the entire University and the Gators. I should have thought twice before I said the D word.”

Throughout this whole process, I’ve been beyond impressed with Ja’Juan’s maturity and refreshed with his honesty. I had hoped our Q&A would expose some of the layers of his character and personality. He is a very unique individual with much to offer, and I hope that’s what people will remember from the Q&A.

After he finished his apology, we talked about the Q&A and how he was taking all of the reactions. He was honestly surprised people found him to be so entertaining. He was just being real.

“I guess I’m weird,” he said.

And then, as only Ja’Juan could, he followed up with, “you know what hurts?”

I expected him to say something about being misunderstood or different, but he finished: “getting your cartilage pierced. I mean, I have two tattoos, and it hurts worse than those did…”

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