Gators Tweets of the Week: 8/11/2012

Florida football coach Will Muschamp has not been immune to some of the problems posed by players and what these teenagers and young men post to their personal Twitter feeds. Scores of coaches across the country have been forced to decide whether or not to ban their sometimes overly-enthusiastic student-athletes from the Twittersphere.

Muschamp’s counterpart at Florida State, Jimbo Fisher, has decided to go that route and has extended a ban on the site, placed on every one of his players. Luckily, in an age when it has become increasingly difficult to gain access to the everyday goings-on of the program, Muschamp has allowed free reign for his players on the wildly popular social networking site.

While some tweets posted here may require a bit of parental supervision, Muschamp has cited the First Amendment as one of the reasons why he feels it is important to trust his players with relatively responsible use of their 160 characters.

The coach’s only real rules are not to post anything embarrassing for the program on the site and keep anything related to “football business” out of the public domain.

Below is a collection of what your Gators football players have been thinking and feeling, and tweeting, as the countdown to kickoff continues.

Drew Ferris @D_ferriswheel46

in just a few weeks from today, the #swamp is gonna be #live #GoGators

Leon Orr @MrLrgJack_44

Why stress over spilled milk , when you can have a cow….

Matthew Elam @ElamVsElo

Fastest three years I ever experienced & this third one will be the dopest..!

Ben Peacock @peacock247

Fu&! Everyone who went to the Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert while I’m sweating my ass off as camp lol

Zach Carter @zcarter_56

Every time I hear “Party Rock” I think of two things…@TreyBurton8 and The University of Florida Gators!

Jonathan Bullard @JBullard 90

I feel like I got better today at practice ! ! ! That’s all I want is improvement everyday #GATORGRIND

Colin Thompson @ColinThompsonUF

John Shulby would like to thank gator nation for wishing him a happy birthday! #GATORNATION #Thankyou

Ked Johnson @MoneyHigh93

True #GatorFans give their newborn babies stuffed gator dolls instead of teddy bears! #Fact

Nick Alajajian @BigNick58

Really appreciate all the love from the #Gatornation and prayers from evrybody! Jus a minor set back for a major comeback! #Beleedat#GoGators

Jeremiah Ruth @JeremiahRuth

@BigNick58 we got ur back bruh! Get well soon! Go Gators!

Damien Jacobs @HallUFameDame

Smile ppl its a great day to be a Gator!

Ben Peacock @peacock247

I get to see my momma today :) yup ima mommas boy

Stephen Alli @stephen89alli

It feels like I have metal rods in my legs…oh wait…

Matt Jones @mattjonesrb

Gummie snacks on point

Kelvin Taylor @ImKelvinTaylor

Big bro deonte thompson TD!!!!!!

Frankie Hammond @Highjumper85

S/O to @Taylored2jump and @illWill18___ goin 1 and 2 in the triple jump at the Olympics….#Gators

Kyle Koehne @KingKone64

Got to love that camp #grind

Matthew Elam @ElamVsElo

Big dreams become big things…! #Progress

a.Bailey @HawkStarAB


Mike Gillislee @mikesco23

“RT @iSee_NoComp: Yu not nothin til yu got somethin!!”

Damien Jacobs @HallUFameDame

No More Nice Guy Football at UF. We need that “Goon Mentality” on the Field…..

Colin Thompson @ColinThompsonUF

It’s not team no sleep its team no time for sleep #finals #exams #football

Jon Halapio @Jhalapio67

Body is Hurtin lol

musical_athlete @Jeremiah Ruth

@UFHeim #Gator Nation! All day everyday bruh…can’t wait to see you and the rest of our secondary taking names and busting heads!

John Schramm @john_schramm11

@UFHeim I see you boy! Get ready for September 1st!!!! #GatorNation

Matt Jones @mattjonesrb

This really ain’t what it was hyped up to be