Florida Gators: Halloween costumes

The Gator Country staff had too much Halloween candy and decided it would be a good idea to choose Halloween costumes for some beloved sports figures.

Like the candy, we’ll keep this content FREE for all of the Gator Nation to see.

Will Muschamp — Regan MacNeil (played by Linda Blair) from “The Exorcist.” He’s not “Psycho” as some bloggers have suggested in recent weeks. He’s not. Really. Even if he seems a little possessed at times while trying to OVERCOME THE ADVERSITY ON THE FIELD!

Billy Donovan — Paulie Walnuts from “The Sopranos.” The silver wings in their hair, but because of their personalities.

Mick Hubert — Santa Clause. “Oh Ho Ho My!”

Nick Saban — As himself, Satan. Too easy. Squint and look closely, he already has the horns.

Steve Spurrier — Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’ll never be back, though.

Derek Dooley — Jim Carrey from “The Mask.”

Mark Richt — Jim Bakker or Two Face from the “Batman” series.

Jimbo Fisher — Bozo the Clown. Never met the man, but he comes across as a clown sometimes.

Brent Pease — John Wayne. I bet he likes Westerns. The Pacific Northwesterner will need to work on the Texas accent, though.

Charlie Weis — Jabba the Hut. Oh, OK. That’s mean. I shouldn’t kick the Jayhawks head man when his team is so far down that even the Kansas student paper called them “Road Kill.” He could dress as a cheeseburger instead, and make it a double.

Phillip Fulmer — The Great Pumpkin. Too easy from when he used to walk the Tennessee sidelines in that huge orange windbreaker.

Jeremy Foley — Leon Phelps, Tim Meadows’ character from “The Ladies Man.”

Urban Meyer — The Lil’ Piggie who cried “wee wee wee” all the way home.

Ron Zook — Andrew Spivey, they both dominate recruiting.

Jeff Dillman — Stone Cold Steve Austin, or would that be better for Dan Quinn? Who knows. They look alike. OK, Quinn can be Stone Cold and Dillman can be Hellrasier.

Jeff Driskel — Tim Tebow, duh.

Tim Tebow — Mark Sanchez to get a few meaningful snaps.

Emmitt Smith — Fred Astaire

Matt Elam — The Grim Sleeper

Dominque Easley — A dancing Michael Meyers

Loucheiz Purifoy — Flash Gordon

Antonio Morrison — Ray Lewis

Jon Bostic — Sean “P Diddy” Combs

Omar Hunter — The Notorious B.I.G.

Sharrif Floyd — The Incredible Hulk

Trey Burton — The Situation from “Jersey Shore”

Jon Halapio — Captain Jack Sparrow

Xavier Nixon — Rick James

Mike Gillislee — The Amazing Spider-Man

Andre Debose — The Invisible Man

Matt Patchan — Anyone from “Duck Dynasty”

Abby Wambach — Ellen Degeneres

Erin Andrews — Carrie Underwood

Jenn Brown — Hayden Panettiere

Jesse Palmer — Mitt Romney

Al Horford — Barack Obama

Joakim Noah — Howard Stern

Lauren Embree — Julia Roberts

Kitty Cullen — Catwoman

Patric Young — The Thing. It’s always clobberin’ time.

Mike Rosario — Snoop Dogg

Scottie Wilbekin — Drake

Tangerine Wiggs — A tangerine?

Laura McKeeman — The former Gator Country intern and pageant winner could dress up as Miss America.

Have better costume ideas? We bet you do. Feel free to show us your game in the comments section below.

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