Defensive linemen notebook

Defensive linemen Damien Jacobs and Jonathon Bullard met with the media Tuesday as the Gators were about to begin preparation for the Arkansas Razorbacks. The two were part of a defense that allowed just 173 yards to the Kentucky Wildcats in Florida’s 24-7 victory last Saturday.

On reaction to hearing the news Dominique Easley was out for the season

  • Jacobs said it was heartbreaking, it was one of the worst things he has been through. Losing him was the worst because of Easley’s presence on the field and in the locker room.
  • Jacobs is roommates with Easley, so they speak everyday and says that the injury is finally setting in. When it first happened it was like a dream to Easley.

Quotable: “ ’Dang!’ [was the first thing I said] I mean, everybody knows he was the most dominant player we have on defense and you know hearing that you’re losing not only that but your team leader, it’s just going to be a downfall for us,” Bullard said. “But, you know, we’ve got to have players step up.”

  • Bullard also said Florida has other players and he knows the upperclassmen can be good leaders. He said they all need to go out and play like Easley played.

On Bullard’s move from defensive end to defensive tackle with Easley gone

  • Jacobs likes Bullard inside because he’s quick. He can do a lot of things Easley can do because of his quickness.
  • Jacobs knows Bullard will have to work extra double teams this week because of the way Arkansas will try to run the ball.
  • Bullard said moving inside hasn’t been the easiest thing, but it’s something he has to do. He’s learning from Jacobs about how to take on blocks in certain situations.
  • Pad level, leverage and worrying about one man rather than both people in the double team are the three things Bullard is focusing on this week.

On how to pass the time on the sideline while the offense has the ball for 40 minutes

  • Jacobs said nobody is tired because the offense is holding the ball and controlling the clock, which should lead to less fatigue as the season goes along if the offense can keep it up.
  • Jacobs said it isn’t boring on the sideline, but sometimes they veer off into random conversations amongst themselves on the sideline.
  • Although he knows it’s good when the offense sustains long drives, Bullard said the defense was getting a little bit bored on the sideline against Kentucky.

Quotable: “This week, it was. We felt like we were sitting there forever. But I mean at the end of the day, that’s a good thing for us. That means when we go back out there, we’re fresh. But sometimes you’re just ready to get back out there because you don’t want to get all tight and cold again. We’re not really used to it not being hot, and it was a little chilly up there,” Bullard said.

On Arkansas

  • Jacobs said the Razorbacks are going to be physical, and compares the Razorback offense to Florida’s. He said this week will be fun.

Quotable: “I just see, from film, a lot of stuff after the play, especially with the center, No. 64, [Travis Swanson]” Jacobs said. “He’s a good athlete after the play. He makes you want to do something to him. We’re gonna have to try to keep our temper and keep cool on that.”

  • Bullard knows that every week in the SEC will be a physical matchup but said he would rather let his pads do the talking.
  • Bullard said it will be a tough game both ways.
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