A few questions for Chris Dunkley


Chris Dunkley, the wide receiver from Pahokee High School, did not get the chance to enroll early at the University of Florida. But that doesn’t mean he has been lazy.

Instead, the 6-0, 180-pound Dunkley said he used missing spring ball at Florida as motivation in the weight room, and that work clearly shows. Dunkley is counting down the days until he enrolls this summer and says June 22 can’t come soon enough.

Gator Country caught up with Dunkley at the recent Heath Evans 7-on-7 Tournament at The King’s Academy in Palm Beach and asked him a couple of questions:

GC: What have you been doing to prepare for your arrival at Florida?

CD: “Just mainly getting bigger in the weight room and trying to stay healthy and all.”

GC: Who have you been talking to about getting bigger?

CD: “Just Coach “Z” (receivers coach Zach Azzanni).  He told me to come in at 180 pounds, and I’m at 180 right now so I think he’ll be happy.”

GC: Who is your roommate?

CD: “Cody Riggs.  We’ve been talking but we won’t have matching beds or anything because we’ll live in single rooms in Springs.  We will share a bathroom.”

GC: What is going to be your major?

CD: “I’m still thinking about that but I know I want to study law.  I’m still finalizing everything with my parents.”

GC: Talk a little about what you went through to qualify academically.

CD: “It was just a matter of time, you know. I had a 24 on the ACT and I guess there were some questions about that so they took it away at the last minute.  I had to study for the SAT after that, and I mean, I knew I was going to get it.  Everything was fine.”

GC: How did you feel when everything worked out with your academics?

CD: “Well, I knew I was going to get it because it was destined to happen. I was happy though and I’m ready to go now.”

GC: How are you feeling about your first day of practice as a Gator?

CD: “A little nervous but I’ve got a lot to prove and I’m ready to seize the moment.”

GC: What number will you be wearing?

CD: “(The number) 5.  The cinco!  No, I’m just kidding about cinco.”

GC: Do you feel like you have a lot to live up to with that number?

CD: “Yes, yes I do.  It was Joe Haden’s on defense, and on offense before that it was Andre Caldwell. I’m just going to prove it and do my thing.  People are going to say the new number 5 is Dunkley.”

GC: Who have you been keeping in touch within the 2010 class?

CD: “Dominique Easley from New York … we’re real close.  We hooked up at the Under Armour Game and ever since then we are just cool.  We talk about football and he’s coming down ready to play.  He’s ready to play just like me.”

GC: Do you and Easley talk about winning a National Championship together?

CD: “Yeah, all the time.  We know we need to work hard and bring competition to both our positions.  We have to make sure everything is taken care of.”

GC: What are you most excited about off the football field at UF?

CD: “Just experiencing the college life.  I want to ask questions in class. I can’t wait. I’m getting that degree from Florida.”

GC: How important is your degree to you?

CD: “Florida is a very highly ranked school so I’m looking forward to just getting that degree.  Nowadays it’s hard times, and without a degree it will be hard for you. So, I’m trying to get a degree so I can make sure I’m good regardless.”

GC: How does your family feel about your decision to go to Florida?

CD: “They are very happy, especially my Mom.  She’s very, very happy.”