41 Days to Toledo: Hunter Joyer

Over the next 41 days, Gator Country will preview the players that make up the 2013 Florida Gators football team as we inch closer and closer to the season.

Each day we will count down using the player whose jersey number corresponds with how many days there are left until Florida kicks off against Toledo in the Swamp on August 31.

Today we take a look at junior fullback Hunter Joyer.


In an era where football players are concerned about stats and marketing themselves for life after football, Joyer is a throwback player from a different era.

As a fullback, Joyer didn’t get the 5-star rating that all high school players strive for; he won’t break rushing or scoring records at Florida either. Believe me, he’s fine with that. Joyer is more than happy to throw on pads, buckle his chinstrap and be the escort to Florida’s power running attack.

Joyer has appeared in all 26 games since he enrolled at Florida, including one start. He has just 20 carries, four receptions and two touchdowns in his career but spends most of his playing time as a lead blocker, blowing up defenders like a stick of dynamite.

Florida doesn’t have the kind of running game that they do without the contributions of Joyer as a blocker.

Career Rushing Stats

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Player Evaluation


The strongest part of Joyer’s game is his blocking ability. He is built like a bowling ball and when he leads the running back through a gap, he’s usually bowling a strike. Joyer has a strong upper body and even stronger lower body. He plays with good leverage and normally gets lower than the man he is blocking.

As a runner, Joyer doesn’t play games, running north/south every time he touches the ball. He doesn’t get a lot of looks as a runner but, when he does, he is averaging more than four yards a carry.

While he is underutilized as a receiver, Joyer has soft hands and is a very good receiver for his position.


For as good of a blocker as he is, Joyer sometimes can get moved off a block when he doesn’t break down and get into the defender with control.

Joyer lacks the break away speed to be a true impact player with the ball in his hands. This is not really important because it isn’t the role he fills in Florida’s defense but, hey, we couldn’t leave this section blank.

What to Expect

Barring injury, Joyer will play in every game and lead the way for Florida’s running game in 2013. He’s a hard-nosed, physical player and exactly what Will Muschamp is looking for at the position. Expect to see Joyer paving the way for Matt Jones as Jones tries to fill the shoes of Mike Gillislee and become the next great back at Florida.

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Hunter Joyer Career Rushing Statistics
2012 2 0 0 0 0
2011 18 82 4.6 2 23
Totals: 20 82 4.2 2 23