Ryan Davis and Chris Leak share a common ground

Receiver Ryan Davis (5-10, St. Petersburg, FL Lakewood) was supposed to visit Florida on Tuesday but something came up and he’s now trying to reschedule that visit.

“I didn’t get a chance to make it in Tuesday because I had some school work to do,” Davis said. ‘I’m taking summer classes this summer so that I can graduate early and I had a big test on Tuesday that I couldn’t miss. I’m going up there soon though, probably for Friday Night Lights.”

New receiver coach Chris Leak didn’t sweat that Davis didn’t make it on campus though because the two have been communicating a lot lately and the response has been positive from Davis.

“I talk to him almost every day now,” Davis said. “He tells me that he pretty much wants to use me all-around like inside receiver and outside receiver. He said that they just want to get the ball in my hands in the offense. Pretty much he wants me to get on campus so he can show me some stuff on film of how they would use me.”

One thing that a lot of prospects are saying about Leak is that his personality is great and that’s something that Davis has noticed.

“He’s a young guy so we can relate to each other really well,” Davis said. “He’s a well-rounded guy and a cool dude. We are building a great relationship right now and we are just going to see how it goes. We are both former quarterbacks so that’s a positive (Davis said laughing).”

Davis understands what Leak is going through by moving positions but the Lakewood receiver sees it as a positive and he believes that will make Leak a better coach.

“I think his quarterback experience will help him a lot,” Davis said. “As a former quarterback he knows how a quarterback thinks and he knows the timing better. He knows how he wanted his receivers to be so he can explain that to us and help us develop that relationship with our quarterback. He knows the mental side of things basically.”

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Andrew Spivey
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