Recruits react to Florida Gators loss to LSU

The Florida Gators lost a tough battle on Saturday night against LSU in front of a sold out crowd and prospects were watching closely.

Not only were recruits watching closely on T.V. but the Swamp was packed with top-notch prospects on Saturday night and the atmosphere impressed them and they gave Gator Country their reaction to the loss.

We will have a lot more coverage of this weekend’s visitors but here’s the recruiting reaction to the LSU loss on Saturday.


2015 recruits

Cornerback Jeremy McDuffie-“It was a great hard fought game they were just a play away from a victory.”

Florida tight end Kalif Jackson-“Tough loss but proud of the team.”

Cornerback Darius Slayton-“Great game and it easily could’ve gone Florida’s way.”

Receiver K.J. Hill-“It was a great game, just a lot of missed opportunities.”

Tight end Devonaire Clarington-“The refs are horrible.”

Cornerback DaVante Davis-“This game is live,” Davis said via Twitter


2016 recruits

Receiver T.J Chase-“The quarterback has to lead the team it starts with him but the atmosphere was on point.”

Defensive tackle Nyles Pickney-“It was a surprising loss and heart wrenching.”

Florida cornerback commit Chauncey Gardner-“Hard loss that’s it really.”

Florida cornerback commit Tre Jackson-“Those guys fought hard and had to fight the refs too. Gotta keep working.”

Running back Tony Jones Jr.-“Shocked!!!! They were doing good for the most part of the game but you win some and you lose some.”

Receiver Dredrick Snelson-“They played very well but there is a winner and a loser to every game so I’m not disappointed at all.”

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