RECRUITING: Toliver has Gators in Top Four

The night was electric with ten National Top 100 players in attendance. There were 23 attendees that were ranked four or five stars. The wide receiver list included a mind boggling nine four and five star players competing against one another to see who might be the best. Out of all that, one player all but stole the show.

Wide receiver Terrance Toliver of Hempstead (TX) blew by defensive backs and just made everything look easy for himself at Friday Night Lights at the University of Florida.

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At 6-4 and 193 pounds, Toliver physically overmatched all the cornerbacks at the camp. The receiver group was unreal as a whole and a number of them turned in outstanding performances, but Toliver cerated the most physical mismatches of the night.

Toliver was impressed with the atmosphere and the competition, even if it wasn’t quite enough to make him sweat.

“There were so many athletes there and I had a lot of fun,” he said about the one day camp under the lights in the Swamp. “There were some good defensive backs but I didn’t face any that could stop me. Overall they were pretty good.”

He also noticed the guys throwing the ball and he really thought one quarterback stood out.

“There was a quarterback named Cameron Newton,” he said. “He was good and I told him that he should be ranked higher.”

Some of the Florida Gator football players made it out to watch the camp. They came away impressed. Toliver met Percy Harvin, last year’s top wide receiver among high school recruits. He was kind of surprised to see him on the field.

“I thought he went to Florida State,” Toliver said. “I was just surprised because I read about him and thought he went there instead. I met him and heard he is fast. I saw his highlight film and I know he is good. I also met Dallas Baker, actually all the receivers were out there and they all said I was good.”

It was a long weekend in Gainesville for Toliver who flew in early Friday and left early Monday. The Gators also held their fourth Junior Day of the recruiting season during that time.

“I got there Friday and I got home around 1:30 today (Monday),” Toliver said. “There was a Junior Day the next day with some more athletes and a meeting with counselors and they talked to us about the school and the 92,000 people in the Swamp. I enjoyed myself down there. The coaching staff was great. Some of them were mean, but still great people. They just don’t take any B.S. and I really enjoyed myself.”

When asking for a list of favorites he named four schools but isn’t ready to limit it to those four.

“There isn’t a top five, but Florida, Miami, LSU, and Oklahoma kind of stand out,” he said.

Florida: “They are right up there. I am not going to lie. I really like Florida. I didn’t know it was going to be that good and the coaches that honest with me.”

Miami: “Coach Coker came back from vacation to come see me. They and showed me around and talked to me about the receivers and they don’t have very many receivers. They showed me around the campus and academics too.”

LSU: “I took a visit up there the same as Florida. Their coaching staff was very nice. I had fun there too. They also showed me all of the campus and the academic stuff. I watched LSU when I was little. I don’t know why I watched them, but I did.”

Oklahoma: “I haven’t been to Oklahoma. I just know they are a young team and are going to be good soon. I watch them every year.”

He has started to set the criteria for his choice in college programs.

“I am interested in the background and the history,” said Toliver. “I want to take an official visit. The coaching staff and especially the position coach too are very important. I want to know from the players after they signed with them if the trust changed any. The four schools I mentioned seem to (all have players that trust their coaches).”

As far as the lucky school that Toliver chooses, he has a lot to offer and it all started at a very young age.

“Some people say I am like Randy Moss, but I have my own style,” he said. “When I was little I used to catch and throw the ball with my cousins. My dad got me to play all the sports I wanted to play whatever it was. I finally played organized football in the tenth grade. The college I choose is going to get a good looking freshman that is going to work hard.”

The first time he goes to cut the list comes very shortly. He plans on having all of his official visits settled in the next couple of weeks.

“I don’t know when I will decide (to commit), but I will probably narrow it down before two-a-days which start on August 7th.”

Stay tuned in early August for this one.