RECRUITING: Scott Gets Good Brotherly Advice

James Scott spent a portion of his summer in Atlanta visiting his brother Kenny, who is a standout cornerback for Georgia Tech. Even though the visit meant James had to miss Friday Night Lights at the University of Florida the visit was worthwhile because he got plenty of excellent advice from his older brother.

“I’ve been out of town most of the summer,” said Scott, a 5-10, 165 pound cornerback from Daytona Beach Seabreeze. “I just got back in town last week. I’ve been up in Atlanta with my brother for about three weeks.

“My brother gave me a couple of tips while I was up there. And some of his teammates also told me go where you’re wanted at and where your heart is not just where everyone is telling you to go.”

It seems his friends and people surrounding Scott want him to go to the University of Florida. Scott will most definitely take his time and feel out the best fit for himself. Right now five schools comprise his current favorite’s list and two stand out.

“Ohio State, Florida, LSU, Alabama and Tennessee is also knocking at the door now,” he said. “Ohio State and Florida are probably on top just because I got to see both in person.”

Scott went on to talk about each of the schools.

OHIO STATE: “They have a good tradition and coaching staff. They have nice facilities. I talk to Coach Tressel and Coach Beckman.”

FLORIDA: “They have a good coaching staff. They’re trying to get their winning tradition back, so they’re going to recruit the best out there, just being able to be recruited by them probably means I’m one of the best.”

“I talk to Coach Gonzalez and Coach Meyer the most. They just like the way I play football. They think I’m a great person and a good football player.”

LSU: “After that drumming they gave Miami they deserve to be on the list. They have a good program, a winning program.”

ALABAMA: “The coaching staff, they have great tradition. Alabama is able to compete for a championship almost every year in the SEC.”

TENNESSEE: “Just the location, the city, the facilities and the coaching staff. I like the possibility of coming in and being able to play early. They were one of the first teams that really offered me.”

Right now it is all about the team for Scott. He knows what he has to do and is expecting a lot from his inexperienced teammates.

“I’m just expecting to make more plays than I did last year,” he said. “I want to be a dependent leader of the team. It’s something I grew up knowing how to do.

“We’re going to be pretty good. We have a couple of young guys and we have a lot of young talent coming up, so it’s going to be good.”

His family has been through it once with older brother Kenny. James Scott knows that they will guide him along, but let him make the decision he wants to make. Scott plans on having an ultimate decision by some time in October.

“They’re just kind of letting me do my own thing,” he said. “Wherever it feels home to me, that’s where I’m going to go.

“Probably sometime in late October I’ll narrow it down because I’m trying to graduate early. I plan to have it all done by October.”

The Gators missed out on Kenny Scott with the previous coaching staff. The Florida staff is trying very hard to make sure the Gators don’t go 0-2 with the Scott family.