RECRUITING: Marty – tied up between UF/UT

Even with his ties to one of the major state powers, Marty Everett continues to go through the recruiting process without tipping his hand any certain way. With his frame to be an excellent defensive tackle and his high level of play on the field, one out of state football power has recently jumped into the mix for the standout lineman.

During his junior season, South Sumter High School (Bushnell, FL) prospect Marty Everett says he had a pretty decent year. He registered 25 tackles and had 3 sacks; however he expects a monster season in the coming year.

And fans should expect nothing different. With his 6-5, 297 pound frame and athleticism to run a 4.9 40, he could project to be a run stopping defensive tackle with speed as well.

When it comes to recruiting, Everett claims to have a new top three schools of interest, and has already been offered by two of them.

“Right now, I’m interested in Florida, Tennessee, and UCF,” Everett said. “Out of those schools, I’ve been offered by UCF and Tennessee.”

Everett took some time to expand on certain characteristics that he likes about each school in his top three.

Florida- “They’re just a great football team. I love the atmosphere of the campus and especially in the Swamp. I also like the way they let their defense run around. The coaching style is awesome there. I just think Coach Meyer is great. I also talk to Coach Mullen a lot too.”

Tennessee- “They’ve got a huge stadium. They also give you a lot of attention to you if you’re a recruit.”

UCF- “They’ve got a really nice campus that I’ve seen a few times. They’re an up and coming program too.”

Everett says that he isn’t sure if one of these schools stands out for him right now, but claims that two could be pulling away from the pack.

“I don’t know at this point,” Everett said. “I’d say it’s probably a tie between Florida and Tennessee.”

As far as visits, Everett has been on campus in Gainesville many times. His most recent came at a junior day over a month ago, and was very impressed with the time the coaches spent with each individual player.

“I’ve been to Florida a lot,” Everett said. “I went up for their junior day in February. It was really good. The coaches were all real cool. They let us know a lot of information about their new weight room and all sorts of other facilities they’re building on campus right now.

One connection the defensive tackle has to the Florida program is actually in his family. Former Florida Gator Earl Everett is Marty’s cousin, and has been a constant help during the recruiting process. Could this relationship help the Gators out?

“It won’t really play an impact,” Everett said. “I need to see what schools fit me the best. Earl told me that it didn’t matter where I go to, but he would obviously prefer me to be a Gator.”

While Earl claims he wants the best decision for his cousin, he also proves it through staying on Marty about his grades and football condition.

“I definitely get advice from Earl though on the recruiting process,” Everett said. “He’s been a big help. He is always telling me to keep my grades up and stay in shape as much as possible, even during the off season.”

As the recruitment of Marty Everett continues, Gator fans can believe that the relationship between Marty and his cousin will continue to help the Gators more and more. Yet for now, he will continue to stay open to other programs until his final decision is made.