RECRUITING: Major has the “Wright” priorities

The hardest hitting safety is one of the most sought after recruits in the entire nation. Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas safety Major Wright is a team leader and is looking to get his team over the hump and win the state title in 2006. He favors six schools in recruiting right now including two from his home state.

Wright has been the leader type since he started playing at Aquinas as a sophomore. He is the guy that wide receivers fear going over the middle for a pass. Wright wants to share that leadership with a team that lost a lot of big time talent last season.

“I feel like I have been a leader since my sophomore year,” Wright said. “I learned a lot form the older guys, and now I think I am prepared to be even a better leader. Right now we are getting better mentally as a team getting stronger and faster. We lost some big names last year, but we just want to play as a team and get better.”

Wright’s leadership skills and playing ability have drawn interest from the elite programs in the entire country. That made for a busy recruiting period over the spring and summer for him. With football season starting up in earnest for all levels, the chat with college coaches has faded a bit.

“I am still getting text messages, but it seems like they have been laying off some,” Wright said. “I know they are getting ready for their seasons too. It has been a while since I have talked to anyone.”

He has six schools that lead the way in his mind, currently:

“Right now I like Georgia, Miami, Florida, Ohio State, USC, and Notre Dame,” he started.

Georgia: “Geno Atkins went there off our defensive line. He was great and tells me good things about their defense.”

Miami: “They are a great team, defensive wise they are good. At my position I think I can go out there and play.”

Notre Dame: “It’s a great school to be at. They will have a good team. (Tommy) Zbikowski is leaving this year and he is one of the best safeties they have. He will be out of there.

Florida: “Florida is one of the best programs I am looking at. I have been there and they showed me around good. The coaches and players treated me very well. I feel like I am a teammate already. Their academics are very outstanding.”

Ohio State: “That is a great school. One of my old teammates went there and he tells me great things. He says I have a great chance of coming up there and playing as a freshman.”

USC: “It is a great school to be around. I like the coaches. I know they have a great offense and they are working on the defense since the bowl game.”

Major Wright has a great personality and is a very likable prospect. He wants to major in Communications and get into the video broadcasting side of it so everyone can see his personality. He also loves the game he plays and as he says, “I want to study communications, broadcast. If I can’t play football I want to talk about football.”

There won’t be a decision anytime soon. He plans on taking all of his visits and has no plans on taking any of them during the football season.

“I can’t graduate early at St. Thomas and right now I don’t know when I am going to visit,” he said. “I am just going to worry about my season and then I can worry about recruiting.”

The big time programs are going to have to wait. There is no doubt any of the six will have a scholarship waiting for him if he decides to go at the last minute. Wright is a football player with his priorities set and he has his team and season to think of first.