RECRUITING: Hicks Talks About Official Visit

Just walking in the door from his visit, Brandon Hicks spoke very highly of the University of Florida. He got to spend time with Florida players, and most importantly got to see the academics side of the school.

“I actually just walked in from my Grandma’s house. It was a good weekend.”

Before he could get settled from an eventful weekend, Hicks shared with us what he did on his visit to Florida.

“I got into Gainesville Friday night. Got into town around 5 and got to spend some time with Coach Heater.”

“We got to eat with all the coaches and their families which was good to see the family feel and all. Then they took us to dorms with the players we stayed with and we played madden and video games.”

The 6’2”, 205 pound strong side linebacker talked about his host and what he appreciated about him.

“My host was Jermaine Cunningham. It was cool to talk to a freshman and see how he was adjusting.”

Saturday is always an eventful day for recruits, getting to see the particulars of the program.

“Saturday was fun. I got up and ate breakfast with everyone. Then we talked to all the position coaches and some administrators. They had practice in the afternoon so we hung out a little bit before that and talked with some players. I talked to Brandon Siler a lot about the school. Practice was fun to see. I’m glad I got to see the atmosphere at a practice.”

As always with recruits, one of Hicks’ favorite parts was the time he got to spend with players.

“Saturday night was one of my favorite parts. I got to talk to some of the players about their college football experience. We got to ask what they didn’t like about playing football at Florida, and they had nothing negative to say, even when I asked if they had anything they didn’t like. I got to meet Tim Tebow too, and he’s a great guy.”

As important as the down time was for the four star linebacker with Gator players, he also learned necessary information on the academics side of the school.

“Sunday was mostly an academic day. I want to be a computer graphics major so I wanted to learn about that. I got to talk to an administrator in the program about the programs we can create and all the possibilities the program presents. It was good to hear about the specifics of the program I could major in.”

Outside of his host Jermaine Cunningham, Hicks says he got the closest with Brandon Siler.

“It was good to talk someone who already plays linebacker there. We just talked a lot of football.”

Though Hicks enjoyed his trip to Florida, he still claims there are two even at the top.

“It’s still between Florida and Miami. I’m going to try and visit Miami before I decide, but we’ll see. My decision will most likely come after I decide I’m done taking visits.”

Whenever he decides, all Gator fans will be paying close attention. With Florida losing two, possibly three, starting linebackers after this season, Brandon Hicks is a hot commodity for the Gators.