RECRUITING: Decision Time Looms For Scott

James Scott still has the same three schools in the lead but his perspective about one school changed with an official visit this weekend. The Daytona Beach Seabreeze cornerback has plenty to think about between now and next Sunday evening when he announces his final decision at the school football banquet.

Scott spent the weekend in Gainesville visiting the University of Florida. He got a chance to see things from a far different viewpoint and he came away impressed.

“It was a good visit,” he said. “I got to learn more about academics side of Florida. I also got to hang out with players and see how they like it at Florida.”

Academics are high on Scott’s list of priorities. He was impressed with the way Florida’s football staff puts an emphasis on keeping your academic house in order.

“I want to be a business major, but that always changes,” he said. “Right now that’s my plan, but we’ll see if it sticks. I liked how academics are first on the football team.”

The four star corner (by was hosted by a true freshman that plays his same position so he got a chance to talk about the college football experience from someone who is relatively new at it.

“My host was Markihe Anderson, and we got to be pretty close,” he said. “He’s a really good guy.”

Scott arrived in Gainesville on Friday so he had plenty of time to hang around with players and coaches. He also got to see how the Gators handled a Saturday morning workout.

“Friday night we ate and hung out with players and coaches,” he said. “We couldn’t go out for too long that night because the players had practice the next day, so we just went to their dorms and hung out.

Scott was a spectator at Saturday morning’s football practice but he took note of how the Gators keep things moving when they’re working out.

“After breakfast Saturday, we went practice,” he said. “I thought it was a good practice, good tempo and atmosphere. You could see every one was in sync and having fun, and that’s always good.”

Saturday afternoon and evening, the 5-10, 165-pound corner got a chance to spend more time with the Florida players. He beamed about the relationships he established with current Gator players.

“Saturday night I hung out with players more,” he said. “I got to be pretty close with the (McCollum) twins and meet Ryan Smith. Brandon Siler was cool with us too. Dallas Baker and I got to talk for a while, which is cool because he’s from the same area that I am.”

During his visit, Scott got a chance to talk to the Florida players about the complete experience in Gainesville. Of course he is interested in the academics and the football program, but when he makes his decision, he wants to feel that he’s a part of the total college football experience.

“It was just really good to hear what these guys all had to say about the program,” he said. “Not just football, but everything else.”

The same three schools that have held Scott’s attention for quite some time remain at the top of his list and one of those three schools will have reason to celebrate next Sunday night.

“It’s still Florida, Ohio State, and LSU that I’m going to decide from at my banquet next Sunday,” he said.

James Scott is considered one of the hardest hitting corners in the country. He’s got the swivel hips that you want in a cover corner and that’s one of the reasons he is a priority recruit for the Florida Gators. In one more week, the Gators will know if they are Scott’s highest priority.