RECRUITING: Davis is Happy to be a Gator

One word that describes Torrey Davis right now is happy. You can hear it in his voice.

Of course, who wouldn’t be happy in his situation? He is’s number 2 rated Defensive Tackle (Nationally) and just spent the weekend with a boatload of current and future Gator players. “My host was Lawrence Marsh (Freshman DT). I also hung out with BrandonAntwine (FR DT), Spikes (FR MLB), AJ Jones (FR SLB) and Bert Reed (4* CB verbal to UF). I had a great time.”

The group enjoyed the Florida men’s basketball game vs. Ole Miss. “The basketball fans aren’t like the football fans. They aren’t as crazy, I mean they are, just not as much.”

Torrey also thinks the best thing about UF is the city of Gainesville. “I thought Gainesville would be like a country town. There is really a LOT to do there. It is a lot of fun. What makes it different from other (university towns) places is that EVERYTHING is about the Gators. It is much more than elsewhere. People there eat, sleep and breathe UF. Everything revolves around football,” said Davis.

Stan Drayton was his recruiting coach. “Coach Drayton is so cool. He is always talking to me, being there. Sometimes (he said jokingly) I think I see or talk to him more than my own daddy.”

Torrey is anxious to get on the field and play. He knows the Gators have lost some big time players on the defensive line and sees room and playing time available for him. “I just want to get in there and play.” You get the impression Torrey’s motor is always ready and if he could play 24/7 he would. It is like he is this big (6-4/285), fast (4.90 40) young man laying on a couch, eating a snack watching football, his mind seeing him out there playing D1a or NFL ball and he is all comfortable and relaxed; then someone says; “Torrey, want to play some ball, or “Torrey, are you ready to play at UF?” And the motor revs up and is charged, and he is thinking of being in pads and hitting someone – hard.

For those that wonder about his recruiting process, THE University of Florida was Torrey’s only real consideration. “I didn’t really wait to think about other schools. It was always Florida, maybe a little bit about FSU, but not much.”

On advice for other recruits considering the Gators, Torrey thought for a second or two and said; “If you’re not a Gator, you’re Gator Bait.”

That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?