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Gatordon: What are your thoughts on the recruiting of quality offensive linemen, is it a problem area? Do we need to do better?

AS: I think this is a problem area and yes, they have to do better. You go back to the 2012 class and the Gators only signed two linemen. That’s where the problem started and it was made worse when Jesseman Dunker was kicked off of the team. There is no excuse for teams not signing 4-5 linemen every year and sometimes more.

Gatordon: Have recruits expressed to you any concerns about the Gators’ offense?

AS: Yes, They say they (Gators) need to do better on offense but most prospects see the lack of offense as an opportunity to come in and help the team from day one.

Gatordon: Which is the more prevalent sentiment among recruits on offense, concerned about the lack of offensive production or chance for early playing time?

AS: The chance for early playing time seems to be the more talked about subject amongst recruits.

Gatordon: Will our verbals stick, i.e. Cook and Lane?

AS: I think those two guys will. The commit I see wavering the most is JC Jackson but his relationship with Duke Dawson should keep him in the class.

Gatordon: Why can’t we recruit impact TE’s?

AS: That is the million dollar question right now with Florida’s recruiting. Honest answer is I don’t know because Florida has had some very good tight ends in the past.

Wesstump: Are we still recruiting Javon Harrison and to what extent? What are our chances? Based on his film, he would be a really good Player. Are his grades in order or are there any character issues? However, my main wants are some big OL that will knock your d#%k in the dirt. Now that would make me really happy!

AS: Florida is still recruiting Harrison but right now the Gators are waiting to see how the Kathleen prospect does in the classroom. If Florida pushes hard for him then things will get very interesting.

JerseyGator3669: Andrew, what’s up with the coaches recently offering Sousa and Stephens?

AS: Florida has been eyeing Ryan Sousa for some time now but with Travis Rudolph now looking like he will head to FSU the Gators felt like it was time to offer him. With Moral Stephens, I still have a hard time believing the Gators would take him right now if he wanted in but I could be wrong. I’m still doing some digging on him.

JerseyGator3669: Andrew, how are we looking with Sharpe, Sims and Prince? Are there any other OLs that may be in this class?

AS: Those are the main three to be focused on right now but I think later you will see a JUCO name or two pop up on the radar. Right now, I think Florida has the best chance with Jordan Sims followed by David Sharpe, who I think will eventually end up at Florida. With Prince, I think it’s a long shot with him right now.

JerseyGator3669: Andrew, how are we looking with Carter and Featherston? Do we have any realistic back up plans if we don’t get either one?

AS: Florida is still in good shape with Lorenzo Carter because both he and his family love the coaching staff. With Lorenzo Featherston, I think Clemson leads for him by a good margin right now. Right now the back up plan is Kevin Bronson a 6-3, 247-pound prospect from Delray.

JerseyGator3669: Andrew, are there any mystery recruits that are seriously considering UF?

AS: Right now most of the kids considering Florida have their names out there but once things get closer to signing day that will change as it always does.

SurfGator: Has the need for linebackers in this class increased?

AS: Not really as Florida feels good with Matt Rolin coming back and Daniel McMillian in the mix as well. Also the staff feels good with Jarrad Davis and Alex Anzalone moving forward.

Supagator: Do we still have the two defensive silent commits from the Arky game?

AS: One was an offensive guy and one was a defensive guy and yes as of right now Florida still has them.

Gator1986: Are Lane and Cook solid? Other sites have them as solid, but looking. We all know how that fares sometimes.

AS: They are solid but yes they are taking trips. Dalvin Cook will trip to USC and then he is unsure of his last official. Ermon Lane will take officials to Florida, FSU and Alabama most likely.

Gator1986: How is Jamal Adams recruiting going? Some say Texas, some also say Ole Miss is making strides.

AS: Things are still going good with Adams and Florida. He is looking harder at Texas but I still don’t think it will be enough to get him away from Florida.

MrB-Gator: AS….will we take a LB in this class? If not then why not? Do we feel we are loaded at the position for next year?

AS: Yes Florida wants one linebacker in this class.

oI2ange: Andrew, you had sort of a grim outlook (by the sounds of it) for our overall recruiting class, backtracking on your previous statements that this will be a top 10 class. Can we just get an overall update on all of the current (and potential) recruits and your thoughts on the current state of recruiting for UF?

AS: Florida needs to win some ballgames plain and simple right now. Also, the rumors of coaching changes aren’t helping Florida land offensive recruits either.

Phillip214: Given the noise within the fan base is increasing, do any recruits express concern whether a coordinator or head coach will be around next year?

AS: They haven’t said too much yet but I’m sure privately they are thinking about it. It’s never a good thing for stuff like this too come up.

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