Recruiting Mailbag

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here are this week’s recruiting questions and our most accurate answers based on the information we’ve got available at the moment.

oI2ange: Andrew, do you think that all of our current commitments will stick until NSD?

AS: Yes I do. I think Dalvin Cook and JC Jackson are the two guys to keep an eye on but in the end I think they stick with Florida.

Ol2ange: Any new news on TE recruitment? Still doing well with Bryce Dixon and Deandre Goolsby?

AS: Nothing new really on the tight ends. Deandre Goolsby had a good visit to Arkansas and the Razorbacks are the biggest threat going forward.

Ol2ange: Is our current record/offensive woes creating second thoughts among our recruits ?(Either committed or uncommitted?). Obviously this will probably make some of them think that they’ll have earlier playing time…

AS: Recruits usually don’t look at the offense as much as many think, because they believe they can be the fix to all problems.

MrB-Gator: How many OL do we take in this class?

AS: The magic number has been five and I think they will get there as they already have three committed.

MrB-Gator: Who is most likely?

AS: The million dollar question right now but I think Florida is still squarely in the mix for David Sharpe but after that I’m not sure at this time.

MrB-Gator: Any JUCO’s on the board?

AS: Not right now there aren’t but I expect that to change during the bye week next week when the coaches can focus on recruiting a little more.

Chosen12395: Are the coaches looking at the JUCO route again this year to find big bodies for the OL?

AS: I believe they will have to if they want to fill the needs in this class but right now they aren’t.

Panhandlegator70: with the constant excuse that we don’t have enough bodies or talent on the oline, will they bring in a bunch of juco olinemen who can play NEXT year or continue to bring in high school guys who need 3 years in the weight room. one of our oline commits weighs 260- really? gee he only needs to gain 40 pounds.

AS:I think you will see the staff take one JUCO but signing a ton of JUCO prospects isn’t the answer because they only have two years to play at Florida but a high school prospect is the future.

Gatordon: Should we be concerned about the trips Dalvin Cook and Ermon Lane are taking?

AS: Concerned yes but not too much right now unless they start taking multiple trips to these schools plus the Gators staff is aware of these trips.

Gatordon: There is certainly a lot of discussion lately about offensive line recruiting. Are we recruiting well enough at that position? Do you see signs of encouragement in this class?

AS: I see some signs in this class yes but I think the Gators need two more guys that can play in year one or two in this class to make it overly successful.

Gatordon: How would you put the odds of signing David Sharpe? Sims?

AS: 50/50 on David Sharpe right now and less than 20% on Jordan Sims at this time until he makes multiple trips to Gainesville.

Gatordon: When all is said and done where do you think this class will rank?

AS: Top 5-7 is where I see this class finishing up at.

Gatordon: Why can’t we recruit TE’s who can contribute?

AS: Bad luck honestly. Kent Taylor was a guy the staff had high hopes for but he just hasn’t developed and Colin Thompson has just had bad luck with his foot injury.

Gatordon: Is Tim Davis an asset to recruiting O-Line prospects?

AS: Somewhat yes but right now I can’t say he’s a huge asset because of the last few classes he’s signed at the position but at the same time it isn’t all his fault either.

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