Lammons in town to talk football

2014 cornerback Chris Lammons doesn’t plan on working out at Friday Night Lights — he brought his cleats if he changes his mind — the 5’9’’ Fort Lauderdale prospect has arrived at FNL primarily to learn from Florida defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson.

“Just looking at the defensive schemes that [Florida] runs, just talking football basically,” Lammons said of his plans today with “T-Rob.”

He has a unique relationship with two other south Florida prospects, fellow CB Quincy Wilson and wide receiver Ermon Lane. Wilson is on record saying all three want to play together.

“I’m close with Ermon, but I don’t know about Ermon. I know about me and Quincy, I know we got good chemistry on defense because of playing on the same 7-on-7 team. Just looking at him, I know that he will make plays,” Lammons said. The bond between all three developed while they played on the South Florida Express Elite 7-on-7 squad that got all the way to the finals of the NFA 7-on-7 National Championships in late June. At the end of the day though, Lammons acknowledges that he’s making his college decision on his own.

“[wherever Quincy Wilson goes] it’s not going to affect my decision at all. I’ve got to go to a school and be what I’ve got to be,” Lammons said.

Lammons plans to make his college decision before his first high school game of this upcoming season. He won’t make a decision at FNL regardless of what Wilson decides, or how his experience goes at the event. He’s comfortable with UF, and says he’s seen all it has to offer.

In his mind, it’s an open race among his top-5 schools with no clear leader: South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and Miami.

FNL will be his last visit of the summer, but he plans on making it up to Gainesville this fall for a game.