Hollywood Bob’s Quick Take

Gator recruitniks were somewhat surprised by the surprise commitment of offensive lineman Jon Halapio last week. That surprise probably means an adjustment to most if not all mock classes from those that do them. We have a little bit of clarity in regards to that commitment as well as a few more tidbits we would like to throw out there about offensive line recruiting and the rest of the offensive board. Here is an offensive “Quick Take” (a shorter version of the Private Screening) for your reading pleasure.

Let me start by saying that I turned 40 back in September and I don’t know if that was the magic button or what, but I have been sick for most of this year. Lately I went from being on my back for a week because of back spasms and pinched nerves in my back to now having an ear infection in both ears and bronchitis. Both have kept me from making calls and/or getting the interviews up to you guys. I can’t hear enough to do an interview right now, so I am doing this instead.

Actually we will get into a little bit of the team information first. As I wrote the other day, Torrey Davis is the only player on the team that is close to struggling with his academics right now. That doesn’t mean he is ineligible right now, it just means he is close to being that way. Remember, he was eligible for spring practice as he did practice half the time, but the staff wanted to make sure he was ready to continue and held him out or half the practices. If he stays on course through the summer, he will be fine and everyone else is fine for the fall also.

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