Hollywood Bob’s Private Screening

It has been a long while… actually since the week after signing day. But it was inevitable that it would return. Hollywood Bob’s Private Screenings are a fixture here on Gator Country and now that spring football is over and the recruiting stuff is starting to heat up we can resume the screenings once again. This particular venture into Gator football will also include some tidbits about the team, signees not yet on campus, staff for the Gators, as well as the usual recruiting nuggets you are used to. I am going to split it up in two parts, one for Monday and one for Wednesday.

DFO already here?

I want to start off with one of the questions that is being asked a lot on the message boards. The Director of Football Operation’s (DFO) position has not been filled yet by Urban Meyer, at least not publicly. Most people citing the present lack of a DFO are worried about the recruiting aspect of the job. We have talked about it on the board and my thoughts are as follows.

The DFO position before was a joint position dealing with recruiting and with the players currently on the team. It is my educated belief that Meyer has decided to actually split up the main duties and responsibilities of the DFO and has hired Terry Jackson for the player part of the position. Jackson will be in charge of the player’s responsibility to the community as well as other aspects of the players away from the football field.

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