Hollywood Bob’s Plus One Private Screening

We’re locked out of practices and we can’t get in and can’t report on what we can’t see. That’s alright, because the fences have ears. The tarps around the fences have holes and little beady eyes peeking through them. Hollywood Bob finds ways to get some of the answers you are craving. Oh, and don’t think the recruiting war room doesn’t have it’s peering eyes. There is no place safe.

As we get through the team information and onto the recruiting info, I have decided to call this my “Plus One” Private Screening.  Read on and you will find out more about the “Plus One” scenario and I think you will like what I have to share.

First let us start with the all important team and the season that will be upon us in a little more than two weeks. The practices have been great even if the coaches aren’t exactly pleased with the the way things are being picked up. In my opinion, with a young team, this is to be expected. This team should develop on a huge curve as the season progresses.

It isn’t hard to understand why the media is left out of practices and why the watching eyes of fans who have Internet access are a no-no. The staff used the same technique (if you will) all the way to a national championship last year, so in my mind they should be afforded the same thing this year.  Some of the things they do not want discussed are injuries. The biggest reason is to protect the player with the injuries and keep opponents from taking advantage of those injuries by means of possibly harming the player.  Also, they do it to keep the info on injuries at bay from the opponents so that they cannot be used as a tactical advantage at game time.

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