Hollywood Bob Private Screening #2

This is really the first recruiting segment of the Screenings for the class of ’09. The big negative hit came today for the recruiting class, but as you will read the rest of the class looks to be in great shape heading into the month of May. Without further ado, here is the second part of three of Hollywood Bob’s Private Screening.

For those worried about falling behind in recruiting, just remember at this time last year the Gators had one commitment and ended up wanting to sign 23. Today the Gators have two commitments and can only sign 13 at the moment, but will probably be closer to the 17-18 range after attrition. The class itself will be hard pressed to be a top five simply because of its size, but with the prospects they are looking at for every position, it will be another special year in recruiting.

Let’s look at the latest edition of the GC Hot 50 as we cruise through this Private Screening. Remember for the most part, if a player is committed elsewhere he won’t be listed here at all. There might be an exception or two on that, but they definitely will not be listed among the Hot 50 itself, but maybe in the “still recruiting” part of each position. Because of length, we have completed just the offensive portion, the defense will be out tomorrow.

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