Hollywood Bob Post NSD Private Screening #2

Here is part two of Hollywood Bob’s Post NSD Private Screening. It will be hard to top the last one because there were so many controversial stories involved, but we are going to try. The defensive haul for the Gators was one of the best in the history of Florida recruiting. To that end, there aren’t many harrowing stories on the defensive side. But alas, there are a few. Come to the Gator Country message boards and join us for our final segment of the Post NSD Private Screening.

On the defensive line the Gators cleaned up yet again. Looking to sign 3-4 when the process began, the Gators signed 4-5 depending on whether Byran Jones stays on defense. Following last years haul on the line, it was the best two year run on the defensive line in recent memory. Here are a few of the stories to be told.

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