Hollywood Bob Post NSD Private Screening

Here it is again. The post signing day blues are all around and everyone needs a little pick me up. That is what we are here for at Gator Country. Hollywood Bob has held back for days, weeks, months even for some of the stuff because it just wasn’t prudent to spill the beans on some things before signing day. Now we have Hollywood Bob’s Post Signing Day Private Screening. A tell all screening that has to be split into parts because of it’s length. We have a feeling that those post signing day blues will disappear for a few moments or even days as you digest everything you are about to read. We hope you enjoy.

As usual I am going to split this up and start on offense. It was actually not a great offensive class for the Gators. It was a very good one, with stars sprinkled here and there and one big hole in the class is the lack of a big time star running back. Yes, this sounds like a broken record for this staff, but it happened again. There were some reasons.

First, it really was not a stellar year at running back. Sure there were a few big time players out there at the position, but the numbers were lacking and therefore the pickings were slim. The Gators were in on all but about two of the top guys and the ones they were on seemed to be interested for most of the process. They each have their own story and here they are…

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