Hill, Jenkins make statement

LAKE BUENA VISTA — Team Undeniable took the field for its first Under Armour All-Star practice ready to show off a secondary that will be anchored by a pair of future Florida Gators. Will Hill is the top rated safety in the country and Janoris Jenkins is a cornerback ready to show that he can lock down any receiver on the field.

Hill has it all, evident by the fact that top-rated wide receiver prospects Julio Jones and Daryl Stonum rarely ventured in Hill’s direction. Hill seems to have already taken over as the indisputable leader of the Team Undeniable defense. When he took the field, he wore a huge grin and he was constantly encouraging teammates to continue working hard. Don’t tell Hill that this is just an All-Star game. He is here to win and that’s evident by the way he energizes and leads his team.

Hill was spotted talking it up with red team defensive tackle Omar Hunter between plays. Hunter is a Notre Dame commitment that has more than a passing interest in the Florida Gators.

Jenkins may not be as highly ranked as Hill, but he’s hard to miss on the field. He plays much bigger than the 5-10 he is listed and when he jams receivers at the line, they struggle to break free. Before the snap, he lines up face to face with the receiver. Sometimes it seems like there are only a couple of inches separating faces masks.

Michigan commitment Daryl Stonum came in one of the most highly touted receivers in the country but Jenkins showed immediately that he wasn’t impressed with the reputation. Stonum ran a post towards the middle of the field but stayed with him and broke on the ball to deflect the pass.

Jenkins showed extraordinary instincts. On one play he read the quarterback’s eyes, broke off the receiver he was covering and stopped a screen to the running back for no gain. Jenkins seems to know where the quarterback is throwing before the receiver even comes open.

Both Jenkins and Hill also spent time with a few other players working on punt and kick returns.

Florida has a shot at two offensive linemen on Team Undeniable. he only offensive recruits the Gators have a legitimate shot at on Team Undeniable come on the offensive line. Zebrie Sanders, who is down to Florida and Georgia, is a good looking prospect that understands how to get leverage against defensive ends.

Ricky Barnum might be undersized at 6-2, 260, but he definitely knows what he’s doing. He took Texas commitment Jarvis Humphrey ten yards away from the line of scrimmage on one play. Barnum held Omar Hunter at bay for more plays than any other offensive lineman, even though that isn’t saying much.

Hunter simply does whatever he wants. After a not so impressive morning session, Hunter turned into an absolute animal. He consistently beat blockers to get into the backfield. At one point, he was in the backfield five straight plays. Hunter is about 6-1, and more than 300 pounds but he’s got quick feet and a real burst of speed. It’s obvious that he could start as a true freshman.

The linebackers spent most of the day playing in pass coverage. Miami commitments Ramon Buchanan and Sean Spence are very much on Florida’s list. Spence is an animal who is all over the field. Buchanan looks better in pass coverage than Spence. It seems pretty obvious why some schools like Buchanan as a safety at the next level.  His best play of the day came when he was playing outside linebacker in zone coverage on quarterback Mike Glennon. The slot receiver ran a slant, but Buchanan made an outstanding play to fully extend and nearly intercept the pass. Buchanan is an absolute freak and the linebackers aren’t even allowed to hit yet.

Tuesday is the day the pads go on for both teams, so look for more analysis to come from those practices.