Gators Recruiting Mailbag 12.28.12

Gator Country’s Andrew Spivey answers a variety of questions from members about how the remainder of the Class of 2013 will play out.

Q.) Will we have the consensus No. 1 class on all recruiting sites?
A.) Tough to say if it will be a consensus No. 1 class, but I do believe if Florida finishes like I think it will they will have the top ranked class.

Q.) How does our class compare with scum and the sow?
A.) Night and day difference between the three. Florida is way ahead of the other two.

Q.) Some says Collins is almost a lock at Florida, and that he has pushed FSU to the side… Any truth to this? He has a trip to Miami still, is there anyway in your mind that they can sell him better than UF?
A.) FSU is pretty much out of the race, that is true, but to say he is a lock to Florida isn’t true. The key here is what happens to Miami as far as sanctions go. If the ‘Canes get hard punishment he heads to Florida. If they don’t get hard punishment then I find it hard to believe he goes anywhere but Miami. Still, Florida has made up a ton of ground.

Q.) Mackensie Alexander or Jalen Ramsey? Which one is more realistic in getting into this class in your opinion?
A.) Jalen Ramsey. For one, the coaches want him more and for two, he doesn’t play the games Mackensie plays.

Q.) Hearing anything new on Demarcus Robinson?
A.) He has talked to Florida several times including speaking to Will Muschamp. This one will go down to the wire and Clemson is very worried while Florida is just hoping at this point.

Q.) Who is announcing in the all-star games that may pick Florida?
A.) Nobody. With Ebenezer Ogundeko being off of the board I don’t think there is a prospect who Florida wants that is announcing.

Q.) Any guys that are completely off the radar like last year? Andareas (sp)?
A.) There are a few guys Florida is keeping warm right now in case something goes wrong with other prospects, especially at the defensive end and linebacker positions.

Q.) Can you give us a list of our backup plans at WR and DT? I’m guessing James Clark for WR, anyone else? JUCO route here?
A.) Right now it’s James Clark and Demarcus Robinson for the receiver position if they fail on both they will look add some other names. but at this time I don’t have a good feel on who that prospect would be. I highly doubt it’s a JUCO player.

Q.) Any news on Elijah Daniel?
A.) I’m actually trying to get in touch with him to see how his ACT came out as the prospects received their grades this week.

Q.) Any NSD guys we may wait and see on or will we pretty much see this class locked up by then?
A.) You should see the class locked up by then unless Montravius Adams wants in.

Q.) When does Clemson start back to school and when does Florida start back?
A.) Florida starts on Jan. 7 and Clemson starts Jan. 9.

Q.) Is there any possibility for Tunsil being in this class?
A.) Very unlikely they he is in the class barring some kind of weird event.

Q.) Will the next two weeks be big in how this class plays out?
A.) Yes because as some of these prospects enroll early they will be off of the board and Florida will look to others especially at the receiver position.

Q.) AS – Any chance with J Reed (DT from same school as Cummings)?
A.) If he visits in January then yes there is a chance but right now he isn’t at the top of the board for the Gators.

Q.) I saw recently that ESPN has Florida No. 1 in its recruiting ranking; do you feel Florida will finish ranked that high?
A. )Yes, I do, especially if Florida finishes the way I think it will.

Q.) Do the Florida coaches still feel Robinson is in play?
A.) Yes, the Gators do and will continue to pursue him until the end.

Q.) Have the rumored number of juniors leaving early and other attrition caused the coaches to push for more recruits in this class? Is there any degree of having to reach because of this?
A.) Yes, they have an idea of who is staying and who is going and no, they aren’t reaching for anyone at this point.

Q.) Will Florida finish with a flourish or is this about done?
A.) As someone told me this past week the coaches are about to hit the back stretch of the recruiting period and turn up the heat on some prospects, so I say they finish with a flourish.

Q.) When is Duke Dawson committing?
A.) Jan. 8

Q.) Is Chris Thompson solid?
A.) Yes, he is.

Q.) Does Muschamp recruit Texas much?
A.) He hasn’t much. He has recently started to recruit the state more but he will never recruit it a lot .

Q.) In terms of percentage chances, how likely do you think the following are to occur?
a. The Gators land another DT
b. The Gators land another DE
c. The Gators land another RB
d. The Gators land another CB
e. The Gators land another WR with a good chance to compete for lots of playing time as a freshman

A.) 60-80 percent on another DT, 60-80 percent on another DE, 50 percent on another RB, 75 percent on another CB and 40 percent on a WR.

Q.) Where do we stand with wr’s Robinson, North, and Clark?
A.) North you can pretty much forget about. Robinson, Florida is battling for still and Clark is being kept warm right now.

Q.) If D. Walker flips to Gators, do we still get another DT and Buck?
A.) Yes, because Walker is a defensive end, so they would try for both — yes.

Q.) Has Alex Collins said who leads for him,and when will M. Alexander visit?
A.) No, he hasn’t yet. January is when Alexander says he may visit.


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Andrew Spivey
Andrew always knew he wanted to be involved with sports in some capacity. He began by coaching high school football for six years before deciding to pursue a career in journalism. While coaching, he was a part of two state semifinal teams in the state of Alabama. Given his past coaching experience, he figured covering recruiting would be a perfect fit. He began his career as an intern for, covering University of Florida football recruiting. After interning with Rivals for six months, he joined the Gator Country family as a recruiting analyst. Andrew enjoys spending his free time on the golf course and watching his beloved Atlanta Braves. Follow him on Twitter at @AndrewSpiveyGC.