FNL: Adams unable to make it

Harry Adams from Dillard high school was one player that a lot of people wanted to see at Friday Night Lights. Adams has the speed that Urban Meyer craves and has always talked favorably about Florida. Unfortunately for the Gators the speedster was unable to make the trip.

(Harry Adams profile)

“I couldn’t go because my parents couldn’t make the trip,” Adams said.

Adams has already been to Gainesville once this summer and isn’t sure if he will make a return trip before school starts.

Adams had named a top three of Florida, Auburn and Miami. However, he said there has been a change.

“Minnesota has taken Miami’s spot,” he said. “I really like the wide receivers coach there. We have developed a good relationship and we talk all the time.”

One of the appealing things about Minnesota is how far it is from Adams’ home in Florida.

“I kind of want to get away from where I live and start a new life somewhere else,” he said.

Adams hopes to visit both Minnesota and Auburn sometime before the summer ends.

At this point Adams doesn’t know when he will make a final decision.