Demarre Kitt Looks To Continue WR Tradition

With limited time on the practice field leading up to the actual game, postseason all-star contests usually serve as a platform for the most naturally gifted athletes to shine through.

The relationship between a quarterback and receiver is one that is often a lengthy blooming process.  However, when a quarterback has a receiver as talented as Tyrone (Ga.) Sandy Creek’s Demarre Kitt on his team, it’s unsurprising to see that receiver thrown to early and often, which was exactly the case during Monday’s AT&T Georgia Junior Bowl.

Already ranked as one of the class of 2014’s best receivers nationally, it wasn’t a surprise to see Kitt perform well on Saturday, but considering that Kitt only had limited practice time during the week, his performance was that much more impressive.

“I think I did pretty good,” Kitt said after his West team’s 10-7 victory. “They tried to hold me back from all the formations because of my knee injury, but I got in and did what I was supposed to do.”

Kitt stated that he tweaked his hamstring during one of the week’s practices, but judging by his performance on Saturday, the injury was of little bother as Kitt flashed perhaps the quickest feet of any player in attendance.

Of all the players involved in Monday’s game, few had the reputation that Kitt did coming into the contest. As far as his play during the week, Kitt stated that he knew he had something to prove heading into practices.

“I think I did pretty good [during the practice week],” Kitt said. “They got me at No. 1 receiver in the state, so I had to step up and play like that.”

The last time Sandy Creek boasted the state’s top-ranked receiver, the player went on become one of the NFL’s best to ever play the position.

His name? … Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions.

While Johnson and Kitt differ in terms of dimensions, it can be argued that Kitt is a bit quicker at this stage than Johnson was. Since Johnson’s departure from Sandy Creek in 2004, the Patriots have become one of Georgia’s biggest powerhouses, as they have won three out of the last four state championships in their class, including a perfect 15-0 record this past season.

While Kitt hopes to lead his team to another state title next year, for now, the talented pass catcher is turning his focus to a long list of potential suitors in the college ranks.

“I’m going to take 10-12 visits this spring and summer and then I’m going to start narrowing down,” Kitt said.

Kitt’s current group of leaders includes Clemson, Ohio State, Oregon, Georgia, USC and Texas A&M.

Florida is undoubtedly trying to break into the receiver’s top group, and according to Kitt, they’ve been in touch.

“They’re trying to talk to me on Facebook,” Kitt said. “I have to give them a call.”

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