VETTEL: Gators NCAA Trivia Quiz

The Florida Gators enter their ninth straight NCAA Basketball Tournament and the 14th overall in school history. The Gators have been to three Final Fours and boast an overall 23-and-12 tournament record. With that in mind I thought it would be fun to create a little quiz to see just how closely you’ve been paying attention.

Here are ten reasonably tough ones to work on…. No cheating!

1. Who were the opposing coaches in Florida’s first Tournament game?

2. What school scored over 100 points against the Gators?

3. Who had the Gators’ first double-double in Tournament play?

4. What four schools has Florida played twice in the tournament?

5. What in-state cities has Florida played tournament games in?

6. Who is Florida’s All-Time leading scorer in NCAA games?

7. Who did Florida face on their previous NCAA trip to New Orleans?

8. Last year all five Gator starters averaged in double figures. How many times in the six NCAA tournament games did all five score 10+ points?

9. The Gators have made it to three Final Fours. How many other SEC schools have reached the Final Four? Can you name them?

10. How many times in 13 NCAA trips has Florida been “one and done”?


1. Norman Sloan, Florida and Jim Valvano, N.C. State

2. Michigan (108) in 1988

3. Andrew DeClercq 16/13 against Boston College, 1994

4. Duke, Michigan State, Villanova and Pennsylvania

5. Miami (’94), Tallahassee (’95), Tampa (’03) and Jacksonville (’06)

6. Udonis Haslem (157)

7. Western Kentucky (69-56) and Temple (54-75) in 2001.

8. None. Had four in double figures four times, only three twice

9. Five (Kentucky 13, Arkansas 6, LSU 4, Georgia 1, Miss St. 1

10.Four times (’89 Colorado St 46-68), (’95 Iowa St 61-64), (’02 Creighton 82-83), (’04 Manhattan 60-75)