2019 Deuce Dean talks recruiting and Florida Gators

Deuce Dean has proven to be a complete guard this spring. The class of 2019 guard has performed at a high level for Team Loaded(NC). Dean caught up with GatorCountry.com to talk about his recruiting process and his recent school change.

Dean has proved that he can thrive in both a half court set and in transition. He believes that his ability to play in both styles makes him a matchup problem.

“I like playing in a spaced out half court set or either fast pace transition,” Dean said. “I feel that I’m very versatile. I need to work on a consistent 3 point shot.”

The AAU season has been a great opportunity for Dean to prove that he is an elite prospect in the 2019 class.

“AAU has gone really good,” he said. “My team has been playing really well and I have too and have been getting noticed a lot by coaches. It’s been a good opportunity to show what I can do.”

Recently Dean has made the decision to transfer from Dutch Fork and attend York Prep(SC) for the upcoming season.

“My decision to switch schools was influenced by the national schedule and playing the best competition possible,” Dean said. “My goal is to outperform every high ranked guard in front of me.”

The Florida Gators have been a program that has expressed interest in Dean. The way that the Florida coaching staff uses their guards is something that is very intriguing to Dean.

“I think Florida basketball has a lot of talent and should be high in the SEC the next couple of years,” he said. “I think the coaching staff has done a great job at recruiting and building a program. I like how they use their guards and give them a lot of freedom. I loved the run they went on in the tournament and it showed they had lots of talent. Florida has been telling my coaches we need to set up a visit soon but we haven’t had time yet. I hope to check out Florida for a visit soon.”

The recruiting process for Dean is starting to heat up as other teams are starting to jump in the mix for him. However, there are five schools that are putting in the most work for him at the moment.

“Virginia Tech, Kansas State, South Carolina are on me hard,” Dean said. “Wake Forest and Tennessee are on me hard as well.”