Will Muschamp Press Conference Notebook

Will Muschamp took the podium on Sunday afternoon for the Florida Gators media day; an event that signals the start of fall camp. Players reported to camp on Sunday and they will go through meetings throughout the day with practice starting bring and early Monday morning before a practice open to fans at night. First things first though, let’s take a quick look at what Will Muschamp had to say on Sunday about his football team and the upcoming season. Nick will have a lot more in-depth coverage of Muschamp’s presser but here’s a quick notebook to get you caught up on what the head coach had to say.

  • The first two days of fall will be split squad with the younger guys going early in the morning and the starters/older guys going in the evening.
  • Muschamp likes the new NCAA rule that allows the coaches to observe summer works and he believes Florida is further along because of the rule.
  • The coaching staff was able to meet with the younger players to go over the playbook this summer and that has put them ahead in installation this fall. That was because of the NCAA rule.
  • Before his press conference Muschamp met with the team about having a great attitude and handling adversity everyday to get better.
  • The backup quarterback will play in the first game against Idaho but the question is, who will be the backup? That will be determined this fall by the coaching staff.
  • J.C. Jackson will start fall camp with no contact but Andre Debose and Matt Rolin are full go to start camp.
  • Muschamp reiterates what we’ve been saying all summer and that’s that Demarcus Robinson has really matured as a player and person.
  • Confidence in the first seven offensive linemen is something Muschamp feels good about.
  • Turnover margin is the number one goal of this team this year.
  • Muschamp calls Leon Orr out by name saying he needs to produce this year.
  • Jonathan Bullard gives the team flexibility to play both defensive tackle and defensive end.
  • Muschamp said he’s looking for “a lot of points” on offense
  • “When you play against us, you’re going to have to tackle in space,” Muschamp says about the offense. Not sure about you guys but that puts a smile on my face.
  • 2.8 GPA for the scholarship players from last season.
  • Muschamp singled out Ahmad Fulwood for having gained size and gotten stronger in the offseason. Remember, Fulwood had a shoulder season coming into Florida so he didn’t work out a ton last summer.
  • Muschamp believes that the team has bought into what the coaches are trying to sell to them.
  • Matt Jones is up to 230-pounds and Muschamp jokes about players getting tired of hitting him in the third quarter of a game.
  • CWM on lack of discipline issues: “It goes back to recruiting, taking the right guys.” Also says the players have to know there will be consequences for their actions. I think coach hit the nail on the head.
  • As expected the kicking job is open for the taking.
  • When asked about defensive backs Muschamp said he couldn’t single anyone out so he named every one of them. The position is stacked.
  • Marcus Maye will get some practice time at the nickel position.
  • As noted before, Rod Johnson is someone that Muschamp likes. Muschamp says today he’s excited about him.
  • Alex McCalister is up to 248-pounds. That’s an incredible increase in weight when you think he came to Florida at 210.
  • Jarrad Davis is primed for a big year, says Muschamp.
  • Muschamp says the team will be very physical the first 15 days of fall camp.
  • Will Muschamp says Twitter is still a work in progress, his nine and 12-year old are teaching him. I think coach needs to let the kids tweet instead of him.
  • Muschamp joked that he taught Brad Lawing how to tweet and that the defensive line coach is better at it than he is now.
  • The offense is going to help Kelvin Taylor get out into open space this year.
  • Muschamp says he’s pleased with David Sharpe and his work ethic. Says most freshmen his size can’t complete their conditioning test but Sharpe did.
  • Muschamp believes that David Sharpe can help the team win this year.

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  1. All the right things are said. The only thing I’m worried about is Muschamp saying the Gators will be very physical the first part of camp. I guess you have to do it, but after last year, you worry about it. Auburn has already lost two starters on the line of scrimmage before they even reported.

  2. Exciting to hear that both Robinson and Fulwood are going to be better this year. The offense may become the strength of the team with all the young guys on D.

    The Bama game should be something if we can get the offense humming in the first three games. Much better start to Camp already with nearly everyone reporting in good health.