What They Said at SEC Media Days; The Gators & Their Foes

Now that the dust has settled and we can sit back to evaluate, it’s time to look back over the 2015 edition of SEC Media Days.

All 14 teams from the Southeastern Conference descended on Hoover, Alabama for four days to tell reporters and fans alike about their offseason program and how good [insert each team name here] will be in the upcoming season.

The Florida Gators, like a majority of the conference, is looking for a quarterback during their camp time. The Gators also brought a brand new coach into the madness with Jim McElwain.

Those two facts, combined with the Gators 11-13 record over the past two seasons, left many a player bereft for words when trying to describe emotions they might have for their impending game versus Florida.

At the end of the day though, there are some rivalries that cut too deep and a few jabs snuck through the veil of player donned coach speak.

Some opponents looked to a loss (or near loss) from 2014 as their motivation, while others planned for games to come; complete with instructions for fans.

Watch below to hear more from Jim McElwain and the Florida Gators along with their foes from around the league.

Also check out some special footage of Florida Gators players Vernon Hargreaves III, Jonathan Bullard and Brandon Powell along with Jim McElwain from their time at SEC Media Days.

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Kassidy Hill
Born into a large family of sports fanatics and wordsmiths alike, sports journalism came natural to Kassidy. It’s more than a passion; it’s simply a part of who she is. Hailing from Alabama in the midst of typical Iron Bowl family, she learned very quickly just how deep ties in the SEC could run. She came to Gainesville after college to pursue a degree as television sports reporter but quickly realized she missed writing. She’s excited to now marry the two aspects for Gator fans. She loves Jesus, her daddy and football; wants to be Billy Donovan’s best friend and firmly believes that offensive lineman are the best people on earth. Follow her on Twitter @KassidyGHill