VIDEO: Mack Brown and Mike Taylor Training Each Other for NFL

As the college football season wound down this past January and invitations started going out for all star games and the NFL Combine, two former Gators noticed their name abstinent from the chosen.

Instead of turning tail to run, former Florida Gators running Mack Brown and former Gator linebacker Michael Taylor did what they did throughout most of their career in Gainesville.

They stuck together.

The two friends and NFL hopefuls met back up just three days following the Florida Gators win in the Birmingham Bowl. From Gainesville they headed to Atlanta to train for their future.

On the field they have each been working on little things that scouts want to see, such as speed and ball handling skills.

Taylor says playing the MIKE position at Florida and under Muschamp are pluses in his favor, but he needed to slim down and show more speed; both things he says he’s done.

For Brown, he needed to show he can be used across the board for ball handling skills and on special teams.

Off the field though, Brown and Taylor have been training each other.

While sharing an apartment, Brown has found himself pulled from sleep many a night as Mike yells to him from the other room.

What’s he yelling?

“Oh everything.”

But Mack says it’s mostly encouragement. They knew that Pro Day would be their best shot to show scouts what they can contribute to a NFL team. So every night, Mike would make sure Mack went to sleep knowing the two were going to wake up the next morning ready to tackle their training, the day, and their one shot at a dream.

You can watch below for our full interview with Mike Taylor and Mack Brown following their Pro Day performance at Ben Hill-Griffin Stadium.

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